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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Oz Oz oi oi! Argentina rules!

What's with the Aussies these days? If losing to a county was not enough, they have lost to Bangladesh, never mind the humiliation at the hands of the "Poms".
I'm sure they'll come back firing but it'll take quite some steam to stop the English onslaught.
A target of 300 looks like child's play in today's one-day cricket. In my book, that doesn't make for interesting viewing. As if batsmen were not already dominating in cricket, of late the dice seems to be loaded more in favor of them. And with The Lion Sachin, injured, i'm not all that keen on cricket right now.
Football is a different proposition altogether, inspite of the fact that i have a lot of catching up to do on the league scene. Watched the first-half of the Argentina-Germany match. Argentina dominated for the most part of the match though they were a bit lethargic initially. In the end, 2-2 was a fair enough result. They must be the favorites to win the Confederations cup.


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