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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Foreplay [Of A Musical Kind]

I declare that the following songs have the best preludes/'opening' that have ever been composed in the known universe. Needless to say, the list here is only like the 'L' of the List. Please add to the list [worthy entries, please]. Be advised, however, that the first two spots are immutable ['iLamai idhO idhO' and Daylight, respectively].

iLamai idhO idhO [Sagala Kalaa Vallavan]


nI pArtha pArvaikkoru [Hey Ram]

yennammA kaNNU [Mr.Bharath]

varudhu varudhu [Thoongadhey Thambi Thoongadhey]

aNNAthE AdurAr [Aboorva Sagodharargal]

pUmAlayE thOL sEravA [Pagal Nilavu]

sundari kaNNAl [Thalabadhi]

thendRal vandhu [Avadhaaram]

raghupathi rAgava [Hey Ram]

sendhUra pUvE [16 Vayadhinile]

vAnengum [Moondram Pirai]

kOdai kAla kAtrE [Panneer Pushpangal]

pUndhaLir Ada [PanneerPushpangal]

yElE nI yetti pO [Mumbai Xpress]

[Added by neyar viruppam]

Asai nUru vagai [Adutha Varisu]
maNiyE maNikkuyilE [Nadodi Thendral] - need to listen to it again to recollect
iLamaiyenum [Pagalil Or Iravu]
rAkkammA [Thalabadhi]


  • this is like the challenge in thiruvilayaadal. i prefer the shortcut with this link :)

    By Anonymous ttm, at Thu Apr 27, 02:35:00 AM  

  • what about "aasai nooru vagai"? The list will go on and on... I'll keep adding :)

    By Blogger Viji, at Thu Apr 27, 08:59:00 AM  

  • maniye manikkuyile - nadodi thendral... has not only one of the best preludes, but best interludes as well...

    By Blogger Nithya Swaminathan, at Thu Apr 27, 09:53:00 AM  

  • ilamai enum poongatru - my all time fav prelude!
    whats daylight btw?

    By Blogger Nithya Swaminathan, at Thu Apr 27, 09:55:00 AM  

  • You left out, what is IMNSHO the greatest: Rakkamma...... A full minute or so before SPB gets into action. Everytime I restart the song 2-3 times before I let him begin singing.

    By Anonymous msp, at Thu Apr 27, 01:00:00 PM  

  • ttm,
    hmm... "linkave kuduthutteengala?" a la Guna :)
    BTW, a lot of MSV #s are listed. IMO IR is the be all and end all of preludes [almost]

    addungo addungo!

    Daylight as in Shane Warn'es statement that "Sachin is first, daylight second"....

    Theriyum. Aana kandippa neenga yaravadhu solluveenga nu vittutten :)

    "Everytime I restart the song 2-3 times before I let him begin singing"
    I do that for Yennamma Kannu and Malaysia :)

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Thu Apr 27, 03:58:00 PM  

  • cool list... "ennadi meenakshi" is another one i can recollect...

    By Blogger NaiKutti, at Thu Apr 27, 07:25:00 PM  

  • scanned the list twice only to find 'Kanne kalaimane' promiscuous by its absence.

    By Blogger The Regular Joe, at Thu Apr 27, 07:57:00 PM  

  • All of you hear these foreplays of Ilaiyaraja songs. Lovely ones. I will give more numbers soon. All belonging to the 70s and 80s.
    1. Sorkam Madhuvilae Sokkum Azhagilay - SATTAM EN KAIYIL
    2. Aathu Maetula Oru Paatu Kaekkudhu - GRAMATHU ATHIYAAYAM
    3. Poo Vizhi Vaasalil Yaaradi Vandhadhu - DEEPAM
    4. Kurinji Malaril Vadindha Rasathai - AZHAGAY UNNAI AARADHIKIRAEN
    Reach me through mletchu@gmail.com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 27, 09:50:00 PM  

  • I agree with you on most of the songs mentioned. Some more of my favorite preludes that come to my mind:

    Poongathave - Nizhalgal
    Shenbagame - Enga Ooru Paatukkaran - The humming followed by the flute
    Pothi vecha malligai mottu - Manvasanai
    Kadhal Kavidhaigal - Gopura vasalile (the strings piece immediately after the dialogue)
    Appadi Paakurthana - Ivan (how can i forget this magical piano prelude?)
    En vaanile - Johny (Piano prelude)
    En iniya pon - Moodupani (Guitar prelude)
    Poongatru - Moondram pirai
    Paadava un padalai (The soft humming and the suspense BGM alternating)


    By Blogger Ramesh, at Fri Apr 28, 04:55:00 PM  

  • naikutti,
    Good song does it have such a good prelude?

    regular joe,
    Kanney Kalai maane is a great song, no doubt but the list if for songs with great preludes or "openings".

    Have listened to only Sorgam Madhuvile amongst the songs in ur list.
    By the way, are you Letchumanan Agilan???

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Fri Apr 28, 04:59:00 PM  

  • Ramesh,
    You know what, i just realized i had missed out on some #s with great preludes and almost all of them are in your list! :)

    And how could i forget "Idhu Oru Pon Maalai pozhudhu" or "Valayosai kalakala" [albeit short]????

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Fri Apr 28, 05:03:00 PM  

  • Though most of the songs have been already listed, let me do too!!

    'andhi mazhai'
    'megham kottatam'
    'nee oru kaadhal sangeetham'
    'chinna chinna aasai'
    'En iniya pon nilave'
    'Kaadhal kavidhaigal padithidum neram'

    nyabagam vandhaal 'update' seigiren!

    By Blogger Me too, at Fri Apr 28, 06:50:00 PM  

  • Bala,
    MSV has done some damn good orchestration in songs like Katrukkena Veli. But although the sentimental favorite for me, must admit that Mottai has absolutely decimated MSV in this field!
    Some more:
    1. Manitha Manitha Ini un vizhigal
    2. Vaan meethile athikaalai nera raagam
    3. Agaaya Gangai(the start made me jump)
    4. Jazz preludes in Mouna ragam songs.

    Eppadi mottai, eppadi?

    By Anonymous ttm, at Fri Apr 28, 11:57:00 PM  

  • u r right, IR is the God of preludes and interludes.

    let me do my humble bit,

    Thendral vandhu theendum bodhu(Avadharam)

    Semboove poove (Siraichalai - mohanlal padam)

    malai kovil vaasalil(veera)

    idhayame idhayame(idhayam)

    poonkodi dhaan(idhayam)

    naan paadum mouna raagam(idhaya koyil)

    muthu mani maalai(chinna gounder)

    maalayil yaaro (chathriyan)

    nenjukulley innarunu (ponnu mani)

    Aasai adhigam vechu (marupadiyum)

    vaanengum vanna vin meengal (moondram pirai)

    aayiram thamarai (alaigal oivadhillai)

    putham pudhu kaalai (alaigal oivadhillai)

    rojavai thalatum thendral (ninaivellam nithya)

    sangeetha megam (udhaya geetham)

    adukku malligai (thanga magan)

    siriya paravai (andha oru nimidam)

    adi aathaadi (kadalora kavidhaigal)

    .............10008 other songs like this

    ada ponga pa.....

    evlo periya vishayam ya idhu?
    idhai vechu oru Phd ye pannalaam!!
    summa oru blog post la deal panna parkariye?

    indha post ku comment podaren pervazhi nu inge list panirukara ella songs um ketten and i am younger by 10 yrs than what i was when i started to listen :D

    Oru suriyan, oru chandiran. oru music director...
    we all know who...

    By Blogger Prabu Karthik, at Tue May 02, 11:16:00 PM  

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