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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Reactions of a friend and fellow IR fan

Balachandar, i'm taking the liberty to post this and i know you wouldn't mind :)
This is what my friend said after listening to IR Live in Italy
Over to Balachandar....

it definitely strikes a cord in the heart....
when thambi rehman tries to read the market/industry
and gives them what they want (bombay dreams and
other international deliverables), raja as a true
creator has gone ahead and given what he knows...
he is not bothered about the audience, like kamal
he expects the audience to like what he likes.
people with these qualities are called true

while some are smooth and cool the "Aasaya kaathulae"
prelude threatens you...the "thumbi vaa" is excellent.
i wonder if raaja tries to make an instrumental on
few of his melodies like what he has done on "thumbi
vaa" it will be close to beethovaans and the mozarts...
go buy it..


  • If someone is not bothered about the audience, then it is very commendable. If one 'expects' the audience to like what he likes, then it is sheer weight on the head attitude. You do because you like and let people have their own liking or disliking of it; never think/expect audience to like anything that you produce!

    This applies to any artist. Looks like Rehman also not bothered about the audience as he is producing somethings (bombay dreams etc.) that are not for me!

    By Anonymous shivan, at Thu Jun 23, 06:15:00 PM  

  • Dear Shivan,

    We are not blessed with creating artistic treasures. But some are blessed. Then why do we waste time in deciding what those people think about their art ? If we like, we take it. If not, we do not. We do not analyse the opinions of a shopkeeper or his emotions while buying a product from him. Then why single out artists alone for their personal opinions ?

    By Anonymous NV, at Sat Jun 25, 05:46:00 PM  

  • Shivan,
    There's a saying which goes somehting like "The only obligation you really have in life is to be true to yourself".
    Ilaiyaraaja or Kamal or any genius, for that matter do what they like and what's true to their heart. That comes first, as it rightly should. Of course they are here to entertain people, but to them, it's a result. What comes first is whether they believe in what they are doing. I guess that's what sets apart genius from the merely good.
    I see it more as being true to oneself (and the profession) than as an ego problem.

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Sat Jun 25, 09:51:00 PM  

  • Dear Bala and NV,

    Well said. It just conforms to the classical verse from Bhagavatgeeta: Do your duty and that's it. Do that which is closer to your heart, the result will be beautiful. It is up to people if they like it or not like it. For example, Raja need not and should not create TIS keeping some audience in mind. Commercial success alone is not a measuring cylinder!

    I agree with you guys more.

    My only wish is that more and more people should become aware of Raja's works simply because these are not what one can afford missing. These are part of the beautiful world and are easily accessible.

    By Anonymous Shivan, at Mon Jun 27, 02:04:00 PM  

  • Shivan,
    In fact i had this Geeta analogy in mind when i replied to your comment :)

    As regards your last two statements, that's what i'm firmly hoping for. We have treasures within.

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Mon Jun 27, 03:09:00 PM  

  • ..and I thought I was the only one who equates IR to KH (and in a similar vein, ARR to MR). :)

    By Blogger Zero, at Thu Nov 24, 03:55:00 PM  

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