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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Raving about Raaja

College kids these days say "Ilaiyaraaja may be a genius but his music is passe. You guys are too old and that's why you are stuck up with his music. Change with the times, man..". Bullshit.
Other music directors might be in tune with the changing times, ARR maybe a genius who is even ahead of his times, but Raaja is beyond time, his music is timeless.

And presenting to the college kids, the September edition of Rave magazine. Eat this!

In Tamil Nadu Ilaiyaraja is God. When you tell people you are on your way to meet him, complete strangers will be gripped by religious fervor and will beg to tag along. In a two-hour chat with the deity, Samantha Iyer discusses his latest creation, Thiruvasagam in Symphony, Oratorio and the price of fame.


  • Bala, I'm the reporter who did the story. A friend told me about your writing about Ilaiyaraja. He truly is great. The time I spent with him and Yuvan Shankar Raja, his son, was AMAZING!

    By Blogger LadyParadox, at Fri Apr 03, 08:53:00 AM  

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