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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Customer Is The King

Customer IS the king, no doubts but thats in a planet called Zimbola, not in our blessed earth.
"Express Yourfelf" is Airtel's pet caption. I did just that last week.
I received an SMS from a friend and since it was rather important i had to reply to it immediately but i found that i couldn't. Next thing i realize is that the fuckers had barred outgoing calls and SMS-es in my mobile. I'd paid my bills promptly and saw no reason why this should happen. This was on Wednessday evening. I later came to know that i had exceeded my credit limit for the month. How stupid of me not to know this 10 months in advance and plan accordingly. Since customer is a king, no some people say customer is GOD, and since we're at least one of the two, it was stupid of me not to have used my extraordinary powers and realize that i'd exceeded my allowed usage. Never mind Airtel didn't send an SMS warning me of that, nor the fact that they send 6 IMPORTANT messages like "find your dream partner" or "Download the latest caller tunes" everyday on an average. Of course, they aren't to be blamed.
Damage control, next. I made a cash payment and foolishly hoped that they would restore my "outgoing privileges" in 30 minutes, like the guy at the counter had promised. Even after 4 calls to 121 and by 9:30 in the night my phone was grounded. That's when i experienced what Airtel meant by their caption. And express myself i did. A few persons who took my calls would have enriched their vocabulary, thanks to me. Still, the result was zilch. I had to tell the executive i wasn't going to hang-up unless they reactivated my connection, and that finally did the freakin trick.


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