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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Puratchi Kalaignarin Pirandha NaaL

Woke up late as usual and had a look outside my balcony and saw a group of people gathered before Captain's house. My mom told me it was his birthday. When i walked over to the crowd and asked if they had seen Captain sir, one of them replied that he had come out and gone in the morning itself (my morning is noon for others). He thought i was from the press and asked if he would get to see the snaps. He asked, "Sarath Kumar veetla ippadi thaan ungala madhiri decent-a oru aalu photo eduthuttu odittaan. Neenga indha oora veli oora?"

Too bad i couldn't get Captain himself....


  • Ah neenga varungaala mudhalvar pakkatthu veeda ? Oru Kolgai Parappu Seyalaalara unga arasiyal pravesam irukkalaame ? Gapden can always use a good blog to broade his base

    By Anonymous msp, at Thu Aug 25, 08:03:00 PM  

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