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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Inventor of Synthesizer

We can't listen to contemporary music today which has not been touched by synthesizers. Obviously, i don't know much about the subject, but this might help.
Today's edition of The Hindu has an article on Robert Moog, the inventor of synths, who died yesterday.
According to the article, The Moog allowed musicians to generate sounds that could mimic nature or seem otherworldly, has been a presence in popular music since Walter — now Wendy — Carlos's groundbreaking, Switched-On Bach was released in 1968 using only the new instrument. Bach on synth in 1968? - That's interesting!
My God-band Pink Floyd, during their "progressive rock" days (Dark Side Of The Moon), made the EMS VCS3 popular, according to the wikipedia link mentioned above. No wonder they could produce any kind of sound one can imagine. That said, the coherence in their songs would be intact. Today's techocrappy DJ's and rock-puppies like Linkin Park are a far cry from their likes.
Well, for a person who can't even played a keyboard, talking about synthesizers is tooooooooo much :) .........................And so i shall stop here!


  • Am having the same feeling with this announcement as I had with Panchatantram. This man is getting old on movies that someone else can do.
    "Whoa ! Anyone can do 10 roles ? have you had '8 large rums' ?" Okay we'll let that pass.

    Kamal and the Yankee accent ! Well he speaks English with a huge accent anyway.

    It' stylish in MMKR ('Open the bloody gates man I am th boss') and Kurudhippunal ('You seem to be a man driven by ideology'). But it's awfully conscious pronunciation otherwise. eg Panchatantram (en 'sexual apparatus' en thalaiikkule irukku) and *horrors* Hey Ram ('The applauze is for your Ta-mill Suh ')

    So my enthusiasm is mild.

    By Anonymous msp, at Thu Aug 25, 05:35:00 PM  

  • msp,
    Thappana topic-la comments ezhudirukeenga :)

    Matravaikku, padam vellithiraikku varum varai kaathiruppom...
    And its good to have a mild enthu cos that way ur expectations are likely to be met/exceeded :)

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Thu Aug 25, 06:04:00 PM  

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