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Friday, August 26, 2005

Travails Of A Drunken Driver

"Today is a good day", I thought when i finished my chunk of work ahead of schedule yesterday. "Really good, mmm", i thought when the demo went off well. And later when i ran into someone VERY special @ The Green Park hotel last night, i thought "Fuck! Too good to be true". After a few beers , i was hungry and looking forward to dinner at home. I seldom ride my bike after i drink but yesterday was an exception, since Green Park is pretty close to home. As luck would have it, i took a road which i never usually take on my way back home and there the fun started. And how! A PC stopped me and after the usual "where's ur house" routine he acually let me go and just as i was about to start my bike, he asked "Thanni saaptirukeengala? Oodhunga..."
After about an hour, i was sitting in K.K Nagar police station, being the object of ridicule of all the cops there. That i was still wearing my company badge at the time i was caught didn't help. "Computer la vela paakaraaru... neraya sambalam(!)..... indha madhiri aalunga dhaan sir murder, rape(!) ellam panraanunga... pana thimiru". Dei, enda pesa matteenga, i wondered....
On the way to the hospital in the police van along with two other "DD" offenders, they picked up harmless boys returning from work @ tea shops just to meet their "targets". At the hospital (for getting the "drunk" certificate), i did the mistake of making strange and funny faces at the PC, who's back was towards me. This triggered off a bout of laughter from a sloshed fellow offendor and this irked the PC more!
After pleading till 2AM i had to give up and they told me to pay the fine in the morning and take my bike. Well, i went in the morning, and afternoon, and i will be going again soon, and hopefully i'll take my bike then.
Evalavu moi ezhudanum nu theriyale....

Auto, i salute thee!


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