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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Second only to the ubiqitous booze/dum, movies can be the best anti-depressants. Two nights before, i watched 3 1/2 movies on the trot and was still craving for more, when sleep finally attacked. And unlike booze or dum, there are no harmful after-effects.
The Terminal - Tom Hanks excels but a little disappointed with the feel-good American candy type treatment by Speilberg
Blood Simple - Brilliant debut by the Coen brothers
The Rainmaker - A good film by Francis Ford Copolla, based on John Grisham's novel
C U at 9 - Probably the worst Bollywood soft-porn movie in recent times.
Strangely, this ran for more than 100 days in Anand theatre, Chennai. Even for people watching it just for the "matter" (like me), the acting(?) is unbearable and you can't watch a scene for more than 5 seconds. Reaffirms my conviction that Bollywood needs to jettison its obsession with hip urban style and form to get even a semblance of quality in its films. When it comes to Bollywood soft-porn (euphemistically called 'bold' films) there are exceptions like the film Murder. Not only was the "matter" there, the acting was very decent and the music was great, the fact that it was a copy of Unfaithful notwithstanding.


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