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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

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Oblivious to the series of low-pressure build-ups in the Bay Of Bengal, there were certain happenings in recent times which would raise the already high blood pressure we have.
Out of the four times i've been in cop custody, the cops were justified in picking me up twice, and the other two times it was just for their month-end numbers and as a vent for their frustrations at being pathetic losers in life.
Nothing can explain the way the police have acted in Jaipur and Meerut.
I wonder why TV channels kept sympathizing about a 'missing' couple and the victims' embarrassment and at the same time repeatedly kept telecasting the scenes of the couples being beaten by the police. Let me tell you this - The Police sucks, big time! Let no illusions of "kaakka kaakka" and Captain Vijaykanth fool you. Only in the rarest of rare cases can you find good cops. Call me an extremist or whatever, i have felt a strong urge on more than one occassion to turn into a naxalite. The only reason i'm not one today is my middle-class mentality. Cops (i'm talking about the 99% majority) are worse than maggots - maggots live only off carcases.
Traffic constables at signals, night patrols, the railway police, beach patrols, discotheque raiders, cops selling tickets in black (in uniform!) @ Chepauk, lady constables targetting innocent "brothers" in eve-teasing raids, torture and "suicide" specialists, on-duty drunkards and rapists - you name, you got it!
Maybe my viewpoint is a subset of our Indian colelctive consciousness, because so many cops-bashing movies have done well in our country. Catharsis, in the absence of anything else.
The sense of rage i feel against that lady cop slapping the ladies is no less than what i feel for the rapist and murderer of Prathiba Shrikanth Murthy. Both have an identical mindset, only the crime/result is different.

P.S: Any counter-argument pointing out that we would all go running to the cops in case of any theft or robbery would be untenable. Of course, its their bloody job. They better protect and serve!


  • This reminds me of an incident, I'd been caught by a traffic constable, at Anna salai Signal for violating, he came to me and immediately took off the keys from my bike. Sensing that I am in booze, sir koncham vaya oothunganu sonnar, i accepted i am in booze, u know antha policekku ore kushi agidichu, vandiya appadi oram kattittu wait pannunganu, he went to control the traffic. I requested him, pleaded him, for about 10min for my keys, but avar kandukkave illai. He demanded 1000bugs and also convinced me that if i need to pay fine in the court, ill have to pay 2500/- also the vehicle will be given to me on next day. I just dialled my friend (a local politician) and told him the situation, and gave the mobile to that cop, telling my friend wants to talk.(avan perai sonna udanaiye intha cop mugam maridichu). After then it all happened just like a cinema, intha police romba mariyathaiya pesittu, yennidam, yenna sir, avar unga friendnu munnadiye sollakudatha, pls dont tell him that i demanded money from u nu solli he handed over the key. I got some courage, and asked him, yenn sir ivar sollitarnu vidaringle, naan oru murder pannittu unga kitta mattina, yenn friend sollitta vittuduvingla, he replied, yenna sir panrathu, naanga case mathi poduvom, aalungatchi aarasiyal vaathiyai pagachukka mudiyuma. I was really shocked by his answer, but this is the truth. This is Police nowadays. If at all that cop put me DD case for my driving, i would have saluted him, but instead mamool kettathu yenakku pidikalai. Ivargalai ellam 100 Indian Thatha vanthalum thirutha mudiyathu.

    btw, neengalum mattingala 2 times, yethukku????

    By Blogger cellvi, at Thu Dec 22, 06:07:00 PM  

  • yup the standard of cops in our country is abysmal.well what puzzles me is the reason for their attitude.is it their lack good monetary benefits or arrogance at possessing power.

    By Blogger Paurna, at Thu Dec 22, 06:20:00 PM  

  • cellvi,
    " Ivargalai ellam 100 Indian Thatha vanthalum thirutha mudiyathu"
    Strictly speaking, i would also take some blame for not standing upto the bastards, irrespective of the consequences and however hard it is. Breaking point, you see :(

    Maybe both and more....

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Thu Dec 22, 06:56:00 PM  

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