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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sun Tech Days

Wanting to break free from the mid-numbing joblesness at work [talk about oxymorons!], decided to attend Sun Tech days at the Chennai Trade Center yesterday. For the better part of the two days, it turned out to be a marketing excercise - not surprisingly, with very little technical value arising out of it. It was sad in a way to see Sun, my drea company once, where they are now. The crowd was unprecendented. Infact, so huge that it annoyed me to no end during lunch. I love my food and don't like competition or waiting when i'm hogging.
As strange as it sounds, there was a concert featuring Mandolin Rajesh, Sivamani and Vikku Vinayakaram in the evening. It was short but worth every minute. pinni pedal eduthuttainga!
No beer this time, though. When i attended Tech Days a few years back in Bangalore, beer was on the house on the first evening. The hotel premises looked like a wine shop with chips, puke and other garbage lying on the floor. Understandably, there was no beer the next evening. idam poruL Eval vEndum....
Today, the proceedings got so boring and i got so drowsy that i decided to come back to the office and live with my joblesness.


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