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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gem X

Unearthed yet another gem from Raaja, from a Telugu film Maharishi. The song is "sumam prathi sumam". Here it is. Enjoy. Found this in Forumhub. A much knowledgeable hubber has this to say about the song

From the link Rajasaranam has given, hearing "Sumam prathi sumam" for the first time, is indeed a sugam sugam. SPB's marvellous brihas , sangathis in charanam , SJ's complimentary humming, guitar punches and a nice melody in "Sallabam" scale [ For Sallabam, remember "ra ra" of chandramukhi fame or IR's own "isai arasi" in "Thai mookambigai" film? ]. What more can I ask for?

Janaki has been used only for humming, and how! Check out the guitar flourishes and the thumping rhythm.


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