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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Real or Fake? 50-50


  • Dasa ?

    By Anonymous bnb, at Tue Jan 30, 09:37:00 AM  

  • Oh God. August is so damn far away :-(

    By Anonymous msp, at Tue Jan 30, 10:35:00 AM  

  • Pora ratela makkalluku nejam Kamal moonjiye maranthudum pola.....:)
    Me too waaaaiiiiiting for 10A only.....

    By Blogger Sridhar(mutRupuLLi), at Tue Jan 30, 12:14:00 PM  

  • I sincerely hope that these get ups are not for some song sequence!! the dark still reminds me of "Gods must be crazy".

    By Blogger V.P.Jaiganesh, at Tue Jan 30, 12:52:00 PM  

  • and the samiyar of Vikataanandha!!!

    By Blogger V.P.Jaiganesh, at Tue Jan 30, 12:53:00 PM  

  • 2nd one must be the vaishnavaite saint role..but the tribal get up doesnt match any of the 10 silhouettes displayed on the movie's promos. the previous kamal-ksr movies avvai shanmugi and thenaali had tribal dance in song sequences(AS-'kaadhalaa...' and Thenali-- 'porrkalam inge').
    so idhuvum paatta irukkalaam....
    yennamo po...thalaivar kallakkuraaru.

    By Anonymous RK, at Tue Jan 30, 01:13:00 PM  

  • bnb,

    Oscar is looking out for a release in June, provided the shooting and post-prod go on schedule.
    Aandavar is supposedly going to Hong Kong for the next film with Saran after Dasa.

    lol :)
    Mathavanellam moonjiya paakara madhiri vechikka make-up podraan... aana nammavar...


    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Tue Jan 30, 06:13:00 PM  

  • great stills. i really this movie sustains the interest throughout the movie even for a viewer who doesnt know that aandavar is doing 10 roles..

    By Blogger karthikeyan, at Tue Jan 30, 08:02:00 PM  

  • Chaa manushan dedicationukku oru alavey illa. I got quite emotional looking at these pictures and left office early, in case I lost control ;-). Gonna look for that Kungumam issue.Here's the link:
    Dasa Kungumam Pictures

    'Tha Oru payya equal kidayadhudaa - he is peerless. Baaki sub Bukwaas!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jan 30, 09:06:00 PM  

  • Karthikeyan,
    Vakkali indha thadava Chennai record nammuludhu dhaan.. Thalabashy Rajkumar has BIG ideas... bigger than VV..

    Darisanathukku ellarum waiting...
    Chennai vandhurunga first day first show...
    BTW, that kungumam article is about that guy Senthil who filed the case.. andha naayi Aandavar-a paakave illa.. he just spoke to Murali or someone from the Raajkamal office..
    Avan kadakkaan chinna paya.. Oscar is talking about 1000 prints!

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Tue Jan 30, 09:25:00 PM  

  • And BTW, the third still is fake. Morphed. Coming to think of it, these getups were not part of the promo stills.. Ivara vechu Kungumam comedy-keemedy pannaliye! :)

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Tue Jan 30, 11:04:00 PM  

  • Thinkfloyd!

    By Anonymous Ulaganayagan, at Wed Jan 31, 01:11:00 AM  

  • super stills from kamal.....

    By Blogger stanley posts....., at Wed Jan 31, 09:45:00 AM  

  • A_A,
    Nejamave intha rendum 'Dasa' still thaana,if yes then the 'Negro' get up-Chance-e ille.

    BTW,what does that Senthil have to say,don't feel like buying 'Kungumam'to read an interview with that guy.

    By Anonymous Cinefan, at Wed Jan 31, 06:12:00 PM  

  • @bala(karthik)
    ungala pola adangaa veriyargal irukkum varaiyil, nammakku thaan vetri..

    By Blogger karthikeyan, at Wed Jan 31, 07:27:00 PM  

  • Ulagayagan,

    enakkum konjam doubt irukku.. ore maayam, marmam...

    VV galatta CD compilation weekend ready aidum nu Om sonnaru..
    Feb 4th kalakkunga..

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Wed Jan 31, 07:40:00 PM  

  • bala, need more info on kamal's next movie with saran. is it a comedy or what? yaaru heroine? eppo release?

    By Anonymous RK, at Thu Feb 01, 08:24:00 AM  

  • A_A&other paradise unit members,

    I second rk,need more info on his next movie with Saran esp the'ONE'reason why he agreed to do it.

    By Anonymous Cinefan, at Thu Feb 01, 01:37:00 PM  

  • rk/cinefan,
    No information on that as yet. Will update soon...

    By Anonymous Bala (Karthik), at Fri Feb 02, 09:53:00 AM  

  • Dasa shooting (Aandavar's call sheet) will be over by March end and then move to post-production. He then starts work immediately for the Saran film of which nothing more is known.
    He might possibly do a film for an NRI producer after that, a big budget venture

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Sat Feb 03, 02:56:00 AM  

  • There was a small news item in 'The Vijay Times'yesterday that Shriya is the heroine of Sir's next with Saran,Appadiya????Kojam kaettu sollunga!

    By Anonymous Cinefan, at Sat Feb 03, 12:14:00 PM  

  • Looking at the first pic I thought it was definitely 'Marudhanayakam'! 'Dasavatharam' dhaana?

    By Blogger Me too, at Mon Feb 05, 08:05:00 PM  

  • cinefan,
    That's news to me! Thanks.
    ARR might be the MD but like always, early days...

    Dasa or not??
    Like i said 50-50
    The beauty is even those who attended the shooting last week saw Aandavar in a pitch dark getup but still were unable to say for sure if it was the pigmy getup. Infact, they didnt know it was Aandavar for a while before someone told them...

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Mon Feb 05, 08:35:00 PM  

  • A_A,BTW,cannot trust these news items 100%.Shriya is gorgeous,no doubt but she is too thin for comfort.Infact she looked gr8 in her first film 'Santosham'(telugu)or maybe it's just me who doesn't like girls who are too thin:)

    By Anonymous Cinefan, at Tue Feb 06, 11:56:00 AM  

  • It does look more like Marudhunaayagam than Dasaavathaaram.. The first one cant be Kamal!! Ivlo kashta padraar, makkal theatre poi padam paakanum, that my fervent wish!

    By Anonymous scudie, at Wed Feb 07, 08:59:00 PM  

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