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Monday, January 08, 2007

Double Header

Watched two films back to back this weekend [my record is currently 3 and 1/2 in one sitting].

Thiruvilayadal Arambam: Not a bad option for 'timepass-ing'. Its watchable because the movie laughs at everything from the hero to the movie itself. Its lollu saba-ish at many places. Is Dhanush eating anything at all? Odanjiruvan pola irukku. And who is the chic who people are calling the heroine? Edho Shreya-vam. Ava yaaru? Enna gothram? Aandavar fan-a?
[Mental Note for self: Whoever she is, Friday Devi theatre vandhu oru 2 bit poster otta sollanum. ]
The scene where the song "Ilamayenun poongatru" runs in the background is damn funny.
I wish D.Iman hadn't murdered Raaja's classic "Ennamma Kannu"?

Veyyil: Could have been a better movie had the first-half been trimmed a bit. When the point is made, we should move on. No use lingering forever. Its good to see films talk about real characters with real problems. The music wasn't bad but again, i wonder why can't they be authentic? Why use Northern sounding tunes for situations in such rustic settings? And weird sounding "shay.. shee .. shaw" sounds in chorus don't help the scene either.
Pasupathi is good but the man of the match is Bharath. Yet another good performance. I repeat, he is in the league of Surya, perhaps even better and certainly much better than Vikram. OK, now let's get to THE POINT.
What the fuck was director Vasantha 'Baadu' Balan thinking? I don't know how well the film is doing in the BO but i'll be very happy if its not a hit. The film is like a propaganda manifesto for MGR and Rajini. Understood. However, why is it that while even Bhagyaraj and Karthik are 'covered' and ample space given for them, all we get of Aandavar are two torn posters? One, of Sathya and the other, Dasavatharam promo poster. Deliberate. I suggest that the Central Govt set up an enquiry commission to uncover the 'ulkuthu' behind this. Or a CBI inquiry.

1) There is a street theatre song/scene in the movie which is quite good. Bharath shines in that. There is one 'act' if i may call it that, where we have the main players cribbing about TV and kissing scenes and all. That, is funny and strange, when seen in context with this film.
Prakash's music also doesn't disappoint in this scene, though it may be an adaptation of an existing village song. Reminiscent of Anbe Sivam's "Naatukkoru sedhi solla". If only.....
For all his Aandavar 'bashing' and sidelining, the director shamelessly lifts Nasser's mannerisms and the 'Naan dhaan da yeman" dialogue from Thevar Magan.
2) Will the plight of Shanthi theatre operator be worse than Pasupathi's?


  • Enna sir. Neraya padam paakareenga pola irukku? ;)

    Priya Mani kalai sevai kuzhu oNNu aarambichadalaama?

    By Anonymous F e r r a r i, at Mon Jan 08, 03:17:00 PM  

  • Illa Ferrari, remba naal kazhichu theatre-la padam paakka mudinjidhu :)

    I for PirIya Mani kalai sevai kuzhu/seyarrkuzhu/podhukkuzhu!!

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Mon Jan 08, 04:15:00 PM  

  • A_A

    i too watched tva by downloading the movie....nalla timepass.never felt boring, if u don care for logic anywhere.....

    By Blogger stanley's posts, at Tue Jan 09, 04:32:00 AM  

  • Yet another good performance. I repeat, he is in the league of Surya, perhaps even better and certainly much better than Vikram.

    Agreed, I don't know why the 'V' guy gets so much attention. Even in Pithamagan, Surya, I felt was much better. And age is on Bharath's side - If I am not wrong, he is not even 25 and has Kaadhal, pattiyal, veyyil, and err, 4 students, boys :-) behind him.

    By Anonymous BNB, at Tue Jan 09, 08:01:00 AM  

  • zennama bala, vikram mela enna kobam. Aandavaroda compare pannaranga adhaane kobam. Innum oru 5-6 yearsku appuram bharath-aiyum aandavaroda compare pannuvaanga(adhaavadhu,avan appadi nadichu kizhikka porannu illai - naalu padam decent-aa nadicha podhum , hypemeisters will do that). Appo I think you will turn against Bharath as well.

    Adhe maadhiri dhaan the tirade against Vasantha balan. Either the movie works or doesnt work for you - just because kamal-ai aandavara kaatalaingaradhukkaga if you trash the movie, it is not fair.
    I dont know why you are so obsessed with Kamal's mass image and achievements as a mass star. Andha kuppai stage-lerundhu avar veliye vandhadhe great achievement. Why do you keep pulling him down to the level of Rajni by saying that he was also a mass star like Rajni in the 80's etc - we would rather forget that Sakalakalavalllavan-Kakkisattai-per sollum pillai phase. Why do you keep reminding us of that? :-)

    By Anonymous raj, at Tue Jan 09, 08:12:00 AM  

  • btw, I also for pirya manee kalai sevai kuzhu,puzhu whatever.

    By Anonymous raj, at Tue Jan 09, 08:13:00 AM  

  • The deliberate sidelining of aandavar in veyil is only natural, considering he does not command (doesnt need to) the devotion that an mgr or rajini does. The director cannot be guilty for reflecting the predominant public sentiment.

    My major gripe with that movie is that there was no originality in the score. g v prakash misused the screenplay and got away with reusing old songs X(

    By Anonymous scudie, at Tue Jan 09, 08:29:00 AM  

  • Feddy,
    "if u don care for logic anywhere....."
    Total forget laagic.... :)

    Very true @ Pithamagan. Let's hope Bharath keeps choosing roles like these. I remember him saying in an interview that he isn't going to do double-hero films anymore...

    Rendu count-la enna thappa purinjukkitteenga :)

    1) I think vikram is over-rated but not because he is being compared with Aandavar. Let them compare Chimpu with Aandavar, for all i care. I somehow feel Vikram hasn't shown the depth or the range that even Surya has shown. OK, even if he has done a wide array of roles, he hasn't been convincing IMO. Let them compare Bharath with Aandavar.. its not going to matter.. atleast he deserves it more than Vikram, going by what we've seen of them till now.

    "Either the movie works or doesnt work for you - just because kamal-ai aandavara kaatalaingaradhukkaga if you trash the movie, it is not fair."
    Where have i trashed the movie? I have said that the movie is good ('real characters in real situations') but could have been better, especially the first half. I've only trashed Vasantha Balan, not the movie. Nethu vandha paya Aandavar-a deliberate a bash panraan... nothing happens by chance in any shot of any movie. atleast most of the things. If you watch the movie (i think you haven't) you can see for yourself. It looks very deliberate.

    About your question as to why i'm obsessed with his mass star image -its because there is a widespread dichotomy that is being propagated these days. Rajini = mass, Aandavar = class. Basically, the backhanded statement is that Aandavar couldn't and can't have the mass appeal that Rajini has/had and it is Rajini's exclusive niche. My point is that namma aalu avan senjadhayum senjirukkaaru, avanai vida successfull-a oru kaalathla senjirukkaaru. Infact, Rajini was the later entrant and this is conveniently forgotten. And it is especially because of this that the kind of path he travelled in assumes greater importance. When you have nothing to lose, taking risks is not a big deal. However, when you have it all, to dare to be different is what Aandavar is about. Aana avanala namma aal madhiri seyya mudiyuma? Chance e illa...
    I know, a lot of that stuff can be embarrassing for us, but we can't deny the fact. Yes, he still plays to the gallery but i think thats fine as long as we get our dosage of classics...
    Avalodhaan... :)

    P.S: Another important point is that not all his successful films were crappy. Among the successful films of his were classics like 16V, Marocharitra, SS, SM, MP, Nayagan, MMKR, Ab Sa etc... Now, THAT is something...

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Tue Jan 09, 08:51:00 AM  

  • raj,
    Just after i posted my last comment i noticed scudie's comment. Ippo puriyudha? :))

    "The director cannot be guilty for reflecting the predominant public sentiment"
    With all due respect, you can't be further off the mark. Nammavar mass eppadi irundhudhu nu ungalukku therila :)
    I know i sound like a parrot (to raj, surely) but things were different from what they are now...
    And FYI, if MGR was alive, the Rajini equation would have been altogether different now :)

    "g v prakash misused the screenplay and got away with reusing old songs X("
    Coming to think of it, there's one particular BGM bit, which i've seen in 3-4 films now. Its a percussion piece which i first heard in Kaadhal, then in Thotti Jaya and now in Veyyil. Who's piece is it originally? ARR's?
    Which song are you referring to as being re-used?
    And i liked the "Kaadhal neruppu" song...

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Tue Jan 09, 08:58:00 AM  

  • kandippa oru cbi enqurikku petition podanum bala!

    By Blogger vigneshwaran shanmugam, at Tue Jan 09, 08:24:00 PM  

  • @bala

    are u referring to the same piece used by all MDs... it comes in totti jaya, and the opening scene in gajini... the piece i am referring to was composed by raaja for the award movie - mugam

    perfect review for both the movies...
    nowadays, directors are dying for claps from the audience... so they show mental ... thats it..

    By Blogger karthikeyan, at Tue Jan 09, 10:05:00 PM  

  • bala - I dont think Rajnikanth's mass appeal can be questioned - adhu onnu dhaan avanai field-la ivvalavu naal vechirukku.
    IMO,in my school days, which was in the 80's mainly, the craze for Rajni in terms of "moronic" (ie) mass fans who didnt have an identity themselves but identified themselves with the mass hero, was higher than for Kamal.
    My point is that a Kamal fan, by definition, has a higher IQ - so, to claim that Kamal had equally high number of mornonic "mass" fans is somehow not acceptable to me:-). I think we are differing in the definition of "mass"!

    By Anonymous raj, at Wed Jan 10, 08:41:00 AM  

  • "nowadays, directors are dying for claps from the audience... so they show mental ... thats it..
    karthikeyan, appadina "mental" has higher mass value-nu arthama?
    According to Bala, Kamal has a higher mass value. Appadinna, directors should be showing him dhaane to get claps? Why are we in this denial?

    Bala, I find your urge to put down Rajnikanth frequently baffling. Is that really needed? I am not batting for him but without nothing, he couldnt have survived for so many years, and that too getting away with the stupid movies he makes. To pull the kind of movies he acts in to box office success, a person needs massive star appeal. The fact that he does succeed there shows he has that appeal - now, it is our prerogative to dub all followers who contribute to that appeal as dumb :- ) But He isnt dumb, boys, he isnt.He knows exactly how to market himself - minimum effort, maximum rewards(for himself). THat is not a sign of a dumb man. Lets not talk like losers. Kamal fans have a legacy of great achievements to be proud of - adhai vittuttu to be obbsessed with brining down rajni is needless

    By Anonymous raj, at Wed Jan 10, 08:48:00 AM  

  • Vignesh,

    Nerla pakkumbodhu endha tune-nu explain pannikkalam :)

    I think you have assumed a few things which i haven't said though i wouldn't blame you.. maybe my tone does it :)

    "bala - I dont think Rajnikanth's mass appeal can be questioned"
    - Of course it can't. I never denied it

    "According to Bala, Kamal has a higher mass value"
    I never said it. I just said he HAD equal/more mass. Definitely not anymore. Infact when it comes to mass, Rajini's competition is not Aandavar but Ajith.

    "Bala, I find your urge to put down Rajnikanth frequently baffling"
    Well, it may be unwarranted but enna seyya? To quote the line from Mahanadhi, "oru nallavanukku kedaikka vendiya ellame kettavanukku kedaikkudhu".
    Don't you feel irritated with the constant hyphenation "Rajini-Kamal" that happens everywhere, especially in the internet? Don't you feel angry with the incredible hype generated for Rajini in the media, both vernacular and national? Come on, its suffocating. Nimmadhiya TV pakka mudiyale, website/magazine/paper padikka mudiyale.. And the worst part is that many of the hyped up 'news' turn out to be untrue and often hyperboles.. Everybody takes it for granted that Kamal didn't have any mass. That's what is being fed to us...
    Avanga niruthattum naan nirutharen...

    "But He isnt dumb, boys, he isnt.He knows exactly how to market himself - minimum effort, maximum rewards(for himself)"
    I have always said that (even to my fanatic/sagas) Rajini is smarter than Aandavar.. much smarter... Any movie which is marginally better than Baba black sheep is a potential hit for 'mental'. And he does have something - nobody can be where he is now without having any 'stuff'.. Adhu avar talent combined with TN makkal's dumbfuckery....
    My grouse is that our own brothren are meting out the treatment to Aandavar which is not very much unlike the one given to Bharathi...

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Wed Jan 10, 09:09:00 AM  

  • @ raj,

    neenga hub rajkumar thaane??

    By Blogger karthikeyan, at Wed Jan 10, 05:42:00 PM  

  • karthikeyan,
    If you are referring to rajkumar_mj you're wrong :)

    Neenga hubber-a? If so, id enna?

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Wed Jan 10, 06:13:00 PM  

  • Bala,
    Advance warning. I just bought the meejic CD for 'Oram Po' in JayanNagar (since seaply available) - the auto kaaranga movie starring Arya. The CD sleeve had the picture of an auto with 'R's photo right up front on it - so you are warned ;-)

    By Anonymous BNB, at Wed Jan 10, 09:26:00 PM  

  • Bala, I dont know if you're talking about some recent movie which had Ilamaiyenum Poongaatru in the background, but the original Ilamaiyenum Poongatru scene itself was damn funny :))), I think they boldly telecast the song when it's broad daylight in the US.

    By Anonymous ttm, at Thu Jan 11, 02:18:00 AM  

  • bala, I think that we should not take that Rajni-Kamal thing seriously. Well, Kamal is well respected all over India - serious Aamir Khan fans, who have this tendency to gloat because of the marginal superiority he has over other Hindi actors, and who are generally ignorant of anything south of Worli, I have known them to talk of Kamal in awe. And even the media, I think, except that it doesnt frequently bring this Kamal is a great actor thing, is respectful of him. In the past few years, the problem has been the lack of an earth-shaking B/O success(Only people like you know specific BO collections, break even, profit making etc - we are talking of a Chandramukhi type impact here - never mind its 2 years in the running bogus thingy, it was quite a big hit with big impact on 2-5 year olds, and adults of similar mental age) for him. So, there is no immediate trigger to talk about him(you would say HIM!) for them. I understand your feeling though - when I was young, I started supporting Ravi Shastri(of all people) because everyone around me just hated him. Imagine can it get lower than that? :-)

    To be fair to Rajnikanth, I loved his performances in his early movies - BOK, Thappu Thaalangal, even Moondru Mudichu and above all, Mullum Malarum. 16 V was overrated though with that irritating Idhu Eppadi Irukku.
    I even liked him in Thamibkku Endha Ooru and NetrikKann. By the time of Manidhan, though, I was old enough to see through his game. By then, he had also started to perform like Sachin of today(rest on past laurels). Irundhaalum, I cant help feeling that an actor of great potential has been wasted/has allowed himself to be wasted.

    To react to the Rajni-Kamal comparison is unwarranted - the correct reaction is indifference , to get hot under the collar is part admission of the success of the comparison - this is my view.

    With due respect, most of Kamal's recent movies dont live up to his OWN standards. This is also a reason you dont find him in news in mainstream media much. Infact, the moment he had a visible success in VV, Sun TV telecast the 100th day function. I have loved He Ram, Anbe Sivam, Virumandi. But Thenali?Panchathanthiram?Pammal K?Aalavandhan? Even VV? I can only say Sorry. (Havent seen VV, simply no enthu generated by the trailers, excerpts in Sun TV, promos)
    10 A will generate a lot of hype when released and you probably will get to see him called the India's greatest actor compliments by NDTV,, IBN etc at that time. But I am not too hopeful of it given the KSR factor. Kamal needs someone to rein him(surprisingly he did that superbly himself in Virumandi) and I wish a Kamal-MR combo happens - though MR himself was never great shakes and is now, in addition, on the decline, he gave one of Kamal's greatest performances, Nayakan.

    Appuram Marudhs...hmmm..Mangal P*ndey ellam release aagudhu. Idhu poota case aagi pochu.:-(

    By Anonymous raj, at Thu Jan 11, 08:07:00 AM  

  • bala, how do you know I am not rajkumar? :-).
    I know that you are Alwarpet Andavan. Mail me at s r i n i r a at y a h o o , without spaces.

    By Anonymous raj, at Thu Jan 11, 08:09:00 AM  

  • Quote (A_A):''Infact when it comes to mass, Rajini's competition is not Aandavar but Ajith.''

    Ajith has a lot of mass in the Hub but in the real world Vijay still has the upper hand IMO.

    @ Raj: Dude, Arent you the same Raj who argued that Kamal is no longer a viable BO star and so on in Ferro's blog some time back? I remember myself and A_A in a fiery argument with you and another guy regarding this..You certainly cant be Rajkumar_mj of the hub, can you?

    By Anonymous Ulaganayagan, at Fri Jan 12, 04:49:00 AM  

  • ulaganayagan(If you are Ulaganayagan, what is Kamal?Anda Sarasara Nayagan?),
    Yeah, you got it right on both counts. BTW, I know that A_A is none other than B(K), and he knows better than you that I didnt say what you have attributed to me. My argument has always been that let's not race Kamal against Rajni, for that act itself is degrading Kamal. Infact, Kamal never bothers about BO, and knows how to maintain his supremacy even if 100 films of his flop continuously. I think Bala understands that which is why he doesnt bring out the boxing gloves for me, as I can see it :-).
    I think fans who constantly compare Kamal with Rajni are Kamal's primary liability.

    By Anonymous raj, at Fri Jan 12, 08:00:00 AM  

  • bnb,
    Whether i like it or not, Rajini still in autos is a widespread reality in TN :) Hey, but thanks for the warning!

    lol :)
    Yeah, the song without fail brings grimaces to the faces of everyone. The moronic director, he could have atleast shown Sridevi but what we see instead are extremely tight close-up shots of Suman's perspiring face and lips! karumam karumam! :)

    "Ajith has a lot of mass in the Hub but in the real world Vijay still has the upper hand IMO."
    - No UN. Ajith has the most # of Rasigar mandrams.. That's the actual ground reality, forget the internet/hub... Infact, even many Aandavar fans who hold posts in the Narpani Iyakkam have told me this.

    And regarding the argument, basically we both (raj and i) accept the points in question. Atleast most of them. We only disagree in the parameters we use in 'praising' Aandavar ;)

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Fri Jan 12, 09:10:00 AM  

  • And BTW UN,
    I've personally seen his 'mass' on a few occasions... incredible.. Infact i admire Ajith because of his no-nonsense attitude and integrity, traits not very common in the industry :)

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Fri Jan 12, 09:12:00 AM  

  • bala, agree on Ajith. he has guts.and integrity, though the bala fiasco and appearances in TV commercials(after claiming like lord labakku das that unlike other actors, he will not endorse products for money, he ended up doing that) slightly blackened him.

    By Anonymous raj, at Fri Jan 12, 06:56:00 PM  


    Yes. There is no one to compete, he no longer likes cutouts, paal abishekam.. Instead he goes to feed the kid left all alone in the streets, he takes pains to educate him and also advices his fans to do so.

    There is no STAR in UNIVERSE, who has undergone all the stages ULAGA NAYAGAN has undergone.. He has ACTING + MASS + SINGING + DIRECTION + DANCE. WOWW. WOWW

    Konjam MGR kooda irundu POLITICS ku YES sollirunda he wud have been CM.. Trust me for all the knowledge has, he might have made TN the greatest STATE in INDIA..

    And Bala, i never accept Rajini is smarter than Thalaivar.. Rajini has just learnt how to gimmicks.. If Thalaivar Kamal had made HEY RAM on the lines of 80's without any deeper knowldege it wud have churned to be the BLOCKBUSTER of the millenium.. Kamal has indeed chosen a complete differnt path, may he has moved out of EARTH. Even though he is an Athiest, he has abundant knowledge in HINDUISM, thats potrayed in HEY RAM and i guess in also DASA & MARMAYOGI.. So its all just simple now, THALAIVAR does not expect his films to be hit.. MUMBAI XPRESS is the best proof for it.. VAZHGA KAMAL VELGA DASAVATHARAM

    By Anonymous KAMAL VERIYAN, at Mon Jun 02, 11:42:00 PM  

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