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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I wonder why Cristiano Ronaldo gets booed all over England (the Wayne Rooney incident is history, for heaven's sake) and perhaps wherever he plays, except in Portugal. Yes, he loves to show-off and has been guilty of trying to be flashy and cute at the cost of being effective. That doesn't take away anything from him otherwise - skill, vision and hard work. He was the man of the Man U vs Aston Villa match this weekend. He scored twice and made some brilliant moves/passes. The best way to shut the crowd. The first was a superb solo effort. The second goal of the match by Paul Scholes is the goal of the year, surely - a superbly struck volley from 25 yards. Perfection. Manchester United are just two points clear of Chelsea as Chelsea yet again clinched victory in the dying minutes against Wigan. Chelsea, unfortunately look the best team in the EPL. Any team is fine but not Chelsea. Please.


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