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Thursday, June 23, 2005

First hurdle cleared

Cleared the first hurdle in my quest for getting the transfer to Chennai (sigh!).
Was a bit nervous about the client interview which was scheduled for today evening. No match practice for quite sometime, you know....
Turned out to be quite OK, the only problem being the European accent of one of the interviewers. I begged his pardon at least 4 times :)

Got to brush my long burried skills and got to do that quicky too. Might make it by this month-end. Getting a bit nervous, i should confess.

Gotta a lot to think about tonight.... I'm broke - dry as a bone, haven't got my ticket for tomorrow's trip to home, relocating issues, backing up data, contributing to Thiruvasagam By Ilayaraaja and the list goes on.......

Tomorrow shall give me some answers......


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