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Monday, July 25, 2005

They shot the wrong man

This is the picture of Jean Charles de Mendes, a Brazilian who was slain by armed officers who feared he might detonate a bomb.
You can find the story here.
The British Police are under extreme pressure and one can understand the precautions which have to be taken in circumstances of suicide bombers on the run, waiting to blast the next possible train or bus. that can in no way be an excuse for the pumping of 4(or was it 5) rounds of gun shots at point blank range. The worst part of all this is that Georgie and his crony Tony have used this fear to gear up support for their "noble liberating missions" and it is precisely this fear which voted them back to power. Now, their people are having more of it and the terror threat is now higher than it ever was. The eerie thing about this killing was that i thought right from the beginning that they had the wrong man. Just before news broke out that the man killed had nothing to do with the attacks, i had a doubt and thought "Man, what do i know sitting in Chennai? They must have got a valid reason for shooting him". Sadly, how right my initial hunch was!

Cut back to 1993 - there was this absolutely gripping and "moving" tale of an innocent man imprisoned for 15 years, wrongly suspected and later convicted of being an IRA bomber, the main terrorist in the Gildford Pub bombing in London(!) in 1974(?). the movie was In The Name Of The Father , directed by John Sheridan and starring Daniel Day-Lewis playing the real life character Gerald Conlon. At least, Gerald Conlon challenged the verdict after 15 years in prison, won and lived to write a book on his experience. Too bad de Mendes can't do that.


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