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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Karuthu Kandasamy

  • Chinese food sucks. Especially if you want vegetarian food
  • So do breakfast buffets
  • I still can't believe many imbeciles who couldn't differentiate a football from a gaint boob 2 months back are crying hoarse about Italy not deserving to win the world cup! If Italia didn't deserve to win, who did????
  • Swearing on a football pitch and names-calling is as old as flesh trade. No big freaking deal.
  • India is not America [thank heavens for that] and Kashmir is not Palestine. Sometimes it helps to think
  • Not only does it feel good to *work* after a long time, it also takes away the guilt :)


  • what's wrong with breakfast buffet? Isn't it good to have multiplicity of items to choose from? :)

    By Anonymous ttm, at Wed Jul 19, 09:22:00 AM  

  • ttm,
    Nothing wrong. Its just in general, not always, the taste takes a beating...
    They screw up the S.Indian items, and the N.Indian stuff too, and the bread tends to be stale....
    [enna Samaykkaran/MD Adityan madhiri track pogudhu!! :(]

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Fri Jul 21, 01:46:00 PM  

  • Ahaa, neengalum chinese food pathi ezhudhi irukeenga !

    You know who the most pathetic idiots are - the ones who watch English league and think that's great football. It's for a bunch of losers. I have always maintained that the italians are the only European team with substance and style. Podha Koraikku, most of them, esp the teams a few years back, look like philmu stars.

    BTW, italian food is not so bad - they might screw that also with fried pasta etc. I like it actually.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jul 21, 08:56:00 PM  

  • Bala,
    In your remark about screwing up S.Ind and N.Ind foods, are you pointing fingers at your office caterers or Bangalore in general?

    If it's the latter, you have mirrored a grievance I held on for years. When I moved to Bangalore, I thought my dependence on Mallu restaurants(for Southie food in N.India) was over for good. But found out that the buggers can't bloody cook and they spoil the N.Ind items too IMHO :-(

    By Blogger The Talkative Man, at Sat Jul 22, 08:21:00 AM  

  • hehe.. whoz the third blogger whoz written about chinese? :D

    By Blogger Mythreyee, at Tue Jul 25, 09:45:00 PM  

  • breakfast na rendu idli vada curry.. summa 50 items keeping.. many nobody eating.. wat the point?

    By Anonymous tamizhan, at Tue Jul 25, 10:11:00 PM  

  • nalla karuthukkal :-)

    By Blogger Syam, at Fri Jul 28, 01:05:00 AM  

  • man.. I am feeling guilty :-)

    By Blogger Yuva, at Fri Jul 28, 02:02:00 PM  

  • ttm,
    "In your remark about screwing up S.Ind and N.Ind foods, are you pointing fingers at your office caterers or Bangalore in general?"
    I meant the buffet in so-called star hotels. And i stay in Chennai. Well, Bangalore saapaaduku oru thani post venum.

    the other blogger is bnb :)


    Amaam amaam!


    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Fri Jul 28, 02:52:00 PM  

  • Bala- enna office la kasakki puzhiyaraangala? munnadi akshaya paathram madhiri irundhudhu, ippo nemba naalaiku post'e varala... :)

    By Blogger Viji, at Tue Aug 01, 12:38:00 PM  

  • Viji,
    Amaam :(
    Maybe i should watch a Rajinikanth movie like "Mannan" or "Padayappa" to learn and get inspired on how to handle my Jayalalitha-like boss!

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Sat Aug 05, 05:35:00 PM  

  • bala sir,
    nice blog..interesting n entertaining..and someone said italian league is better than EPL..true but from this season italian league is goin to crumble..Superstars from juventus,AC milan hav already moved..especially Andrei shevchenko,Zambrotta,Thuram,
    cannavaro,emerson until now!Expect more to leave the tainted league..I think spanish league will b the most interesting this season!

    By Blogger thilak, at Thu Aug 10, 09:33:00 PM  

  • thilak,
    Thanks and welcome.
    True, after the scandal, there's a lot of upheaval as expected....

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Tue Aug 15, 05:43:00 PM  

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