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Friday, October 12, 2007

Monkey Business - The Irony

Symonds subjected to 'monkey chants'

Cricinfo staff

October 12, 2007

Andrew Symonds was targeted by the crowd © AFP
Andrew Symonds was the target of racist abuse during the fifth ODI against India in Vadodara on Thursday after being subjected to monkey chants while fielding on the boundary. According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, the incident occurred during the second half of India's innings at the IPCL Sports Complex.

Sources within the Australian squad confirmed to the paper the abuse took place, but have referred the matter to the local authorities, who may face an inquest from the International Cricket Council. "Like any cricketing centre in India, we would never tolerate this kind of behaviour," Makarand Waingankar, the chief executive of the local Baroda Cricket Association," said. "Racism should not exist in India at all.

"We are a cosmopolitan country, with many religions and dialects living peacefully together. This is the cultural city of Gujarat, and it would be a shame if that was to be spoilt by a few people." The fifth ODI was also marred during Australia's surge to victory when a section of the crowd pelted the playing area with bottles.

The ICC took measures to stamp out racism last year after the South Africa team complained of crowd abuse during their tour of Australia. Under the new code, spectators who are found guilty of racial abuse could face life bans and the venues are subject to fines and the loss of international status.

From cricinfo

I have always felt we are as racist as the whites (more racist perhaps?) we usually accuse of the same crime. On a slightly less "important" note, the BCCI continues to favor crapping grounds with ignorant, ill-behaved audiences while either ignoring Chepauk or scheduling matches there at a time of the year when even a "mEgam kottattum Attam uNdu" cannot save the match. Bangalore - the most overrated venue on planet-earth (OK, after Mohali)- has usurped Mumbai's throne as the most favored Indian cricket venue. I would rather see Chepauk lose to Eden Gardens than these crap-filled spaces of nonsense.


  • it will be great fun to see how the aussie crowds treat sreesanth :)

    By Blogger The Talkative Man, at Fri Oct 12, 09:16:00 PM  

  • the talkative man,

    I think Sreeshanth will receive whatever treatment he gets well.Am sure he is intelligent enough to understand that he will be under the radar and is mentally prepared for it.

    BTW,don't understand why the India media&a section of the public are going after him.I am not supporting his behaviour but once in a while it's nice to see the Aussies complaining :)

    Of course the fact that he and the entire Indian team need to back words with performance is another issue.

    Agree with you on Chepauk.It's a shame that matches are scheduled there during the rains¬ during these times but anything specific against Bangalore and Mohali???

    By Anonymous Cinefan, at Sat Oct 13, 12:56:00 PM  

  • TTM,
    Symnonds oru gan-e ready panna poraaru nu nenakkaren! :)

    Sreesanth (earlier Bhajji, Zaheer) tried beating the OZs at their own game and has ended up miserably as a loser... Let him get close the them in the "important" areas first :)

    Mohali - Nothing against it except that its overhyped. For e.g i dont think the crowd is as appreciative and knowledgable as Chepauk's or Wankhede's.

    Bangalore - Bad pitch, bad record(j/k) and just by virtue of it getting more importance than other similar but more deserving venues...

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Thu Oct 18, 11:19:00 AM  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Oct 19, 08:45:00 PM  

  • Bala, I agree that Indians are racist but w.r.t this incident, I think people called Symonds a monkey cos he looks like a monkey. Simple. Romba over-a hype panranga nu nenaikaren!

    And did u read the post in Cricinfo about why Chennai was missed as a venue for this tour? Some rotation policy-a sodhapitangalam.

    By Anonymous Madhu, at Mon Oct 22, 01:57:00 PM  

  • >> I think people called Symonds a monkey cos he looks like a monkey. Simple. Romba over-a hype panranga nu nenaikaren!>>

    Suththam !! enna arumaiyAna kandupidippu. Ithukku SrisanthE better :evil: :banghead:

    By Anonymous Roshan, at Wed Oct 24, 11:16:00 PM  

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