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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

India's ODI Slump

I came across this interesting Cricinfo article. It talks about the inconsistency in the bowling department, particularly. I think while the main reasons would be fluctuating forms of our bowlers, fitness but also the general trend witnessed in the last couple of years. We can see the batsmen dominating more than ever. 300 is no longer a safe target and bowlers everywhere are slaughtered and yet the ICC comes up with more batsmen-friendly rules (Sunil Gavskar should be sacked from the commnetary panel for his double-speak).
A match should involve a contest between bat and ball, an even contest under equal conditions for both.
Coming back to our bowlers, i really wish "Karunchiruthai" Balaji delivers this time, assuming he makes it to the 11. With Dravid at the helm, i think that's a distinct possibility unlike Ganguly who seems to wait for a single bad match to drop Balaji.


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