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Monday, August 08, 2005

Sun and Sand

Almost everything is set for the Goa trip this long weekend, except perhaps mother nature herself.
Peak monsoon season is not the ideal time to venture out to the sun and sand, but since all my Bangalore ex-roomies are on the verge of losing their bachelorhood, we decided to say "to hell with the rains and landslides" and partake in the hedonistic pleasures of life before disaster (read marriage) strikes my friends' lives.
There's another triviality to look into - the wallet factor. I peer into my wallet and i see nothing but emptiness inside and all i can do is sit on my ass, hoping that currency falls down from the sky. Dry as a bone :(
These are the times when i start believing in miracles and i'm sure there's one lurking in the corner.
Hence it is with a lot of assumptions that this trip is getting into shape - like i have no problems in getting 2 days leave and there's a benevolent soul who finds his/her purse too heavy with currency and decides to jettison the excess baggage.
Even as i type, one of our "crew" has copped out of the trip, citing official reasons. Obstacles, so many of 'em......

Which incidentally leads to the rhetorical question "Why does every trip begin with an empty purse, bad planning, worse implementation and a reduced crew-size?"


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