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Monday, September 19, 2005

Klonin Kurosawa

Was chatting with a friend who is an assistant director this weekend. He was telling me about an incident he read somewhere about Kurosawa. Kurosawa was shooting for a film in a monastery located in a forest. He was not happy with a particular shot because a tree was blocking or spoiling the view. He then told his crew to the cut the tree of and needless to say, this annoyed the monks living there, but they remained silent. After the shooting was over and on the day Kurosawa was leaving the location, a monk came up to him and said "You cut the tree, but i know you are creating something". Now, the director under whom my friend works claims to be a Kurosawa fan.
Last week they had this shooting outside Qaid-E-Millat college and our director was not happy with a particular shot and the reasons were the same as the aforementioned, the view blocked by a post or trunk. He shouted for the crew to cut it and theobject was quickly cut. The next day the shooting was cancelled by the authorities because it had some historical significance and was a kind of relic at the ground! Ellathukkum oru idam porul eval thevai. Copy adichaalum ippadiya?

Anybody can watch Kurosawa's films and love them. The trouble is that not every watcher is a Mani Ratnam, you also get dudes like our director here.


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