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Monday, January 02, 2006


December is a good time to be in the culture capital Chennai. The month-long music/dance/drama festival attracts people from across the world. Had been to a concert featuring the incomparable Mandolin U Shrinivas and his brother Mandolin U Rajesh. Needless to say, a treat for the ears. Even for a novice like me, a performance by the likes of the Maestro can be an enriching experience. Just like last year, the highlight was the long but captivating rAgam thAnam pallavi. While our own mAmA's and mAmi's were scurrying here and there, the American lady sitting next to me was fixed to her seat, not because of obligation, but because of the captivation and the respect the music and the performers commanded. We can learn a thing or two from the west about concert etiquette.
Before the concert began, i was served the best possible pongal vadai, followed by AlU paratha [odd combination, i know] at the canteen @ nAradha gAna sabhA. Many people come just for the food. It doesnt get better than this....

vayitriRkum sevikkum suvayAna uNavu ikhdhE!


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