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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

VV Audio

Finally out today:

1) Karka Karka [Devan, Tipu, Nakul, Andrea]: If the title song is a trendy stylish one, it better be a "nenjula midhikkara" song like "Uyirin Uyire" was. This song doesn't come anywhere close but its not as bad as it sounded on my first hearing. The female voice towards the end sounds very much like Vasundhara Das, especially with the exaggerated pronunciation of 'R'.

2) Paartha Mudhal [Bombay Jayasree, Unni Menon]: Though it sounds like "Suttum Vizhi Sudare" this song is pretty catchy and melodious. The HJ-BJ combination always clicks. I guess this is the song which was shot in Kerala. Excellent picturization is guaranteed, i must say.

3) Manjal Veiyil [Hariharan, Vijay, Nakul]: The pick of the album. The visuals are still fresh in my mind [it was screened in the audio release function]. On the flip side, HJ could have done the interludes better. The rhythm reminded me of "Endrendrun Punnagai" for Alaipayuthey. Nakul has done the supporting vocals for this song and the previous. The song is has a nice groove to it. Thamarai excels with the lyrics.

4) Uyirile [Mahalakshmi, Srinivas]: Somehow this song hasn't grown on me yet. Maybe i need a few more listens.

5) Neruppae [Frankom Solar Sai, Sowmya Raoh]: The Thamizh pronunciation notwithstanding, the song is not bad, though it has shades of HJ's previous song(s). A seasonal hit at best. It would be intersting to see the situation this song comes in the movie. Probably a "Thoodhu varuma" kind of setting.

Not anywhere close to Kaakka Kaaka or even Minnale, but better than Ghajini. Yeppa Harrisse, re-recording-la kavuthuraadha pa!


  • * The female is Andrea - that's what the CD cover says.
    *HJ-Thamarai combo - I like it and they are right up there. Good luck guys.
    * your thoughts about re-recording echo mine - if HJ doesn't screw it up like in Anniyan and Ghajini, then it might help the movie to be a hit. Hope Gautam is aware of this.
    * I just commented on LazyGeek's blog that HJ seems to be taking on Yuvan with his rap #s - just realized that in the last year one year he is the only one to have given a hit with light/romatic/melodious # - suttum vizhi sudare and he might score two in a row with some #s from this album.
    * Couldn't help feeling that the entire album was very restrained in a very admirable way.
    * Didn't feel that Unni Menon was a very choice - what happened to Sriram Parthasarathy ?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 09, 07:43:00 AM  

  • Breaking News Balaraman(?),
    Yeah its Andrea but i meant in some ways she sounds like Vasundhara Das.
    Thamarai's speech on the audio release function was as beautiful as her lyrics.
    About Sriram Parthasarathy, even i favor him over UM but i guess with the song Paartha Mudhal sounding similar to Suttum vizhi, HJ would have atleast wanted a diff singer...

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Thu Mar 09, 03:33:00 PM  

  • Breaking News Balaraman(?),
    Thamarai's speech on the audio release function was as beautiful as her lyrics.Didn't catch that. She is probably the top lyricist today if you are looking for someone who writes family-safe lyrics ;-). The VV #s are beginning to slowly grow on me.

    BTW,I completely agree with you about 'Thendral vandhu theendum ..." . To ARR and Harris is a reminder that they are still at base camp.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 09, 08:32:00 PM  

  • Ever since you posted this review, I've been hunting for the songs on the net(no 'irakkumadhi', just to listen!). Atlast, musicindiaonline updated! Though most songs sound similar to HJ's earlier works, I like 1,3,4 for now.

    By Blogger Me too, at Fri Mar 10, 07:47:00 AM  

  • I feel music reviews are pointless.. Average songs btw..

    By Anonymous tamizhan, at Sat Mar 11, 07:47:00 PM  

  • >>digression
    replied to ur pm i the hub, but it keeps sitting in my outbox. So dunno if u actually got it. Acknowledge receipt<<

    Am heading straight to musicindiaonline

    By Anonymous msp, at Sat Mar 11, 08:21:00 PM  

  • Tamizhan,
    I never "review" songs or movies. I just write my comments. They are as pointless or useless as any other post i make :)

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Mon Mar 13, 05:28:00 PM  

  • Aparna/msp,
    Dhayavu seidhu kurunthatto,oli naadaavo vaangi VV paadalgalai kettu mgizhumaaru thazhmayudan vendugiren!

    Of course, NRI's may be excused :)

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Mon Mar 13, 06:19:00 PM  

  • olinaadaa vaanguvadharku mudhalil oru maadhiri kEtpadharku thaan musicindiaonline.

    As I pay by the byte the math works in favour of the tapes if I feel like listening to the songs again and again.

    So limited download plan RIs be excused too :-)

    By Anonymous msp, at Tue Mar 14, 06:27:00 PM  

  • songs r pretty good, . NOt only does unni menons song sound like that of gajini..it has a typical christian devotional song feel. replace th eopening lyrics with "YESU VARUGINDRAAR", ull know what Im saying. nice to hear mahalakshmi again after 12b and devan after minnale and majunu. I recently heard a duet featuring both these 2 singers on some new tamil non film album which was very nice. Anyway hope the film does well and gives a hatrick for gautham

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Mar 31, 12:29:00 AM  

  • hey mr bala did you go the audio release function?? How did u get an invite??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Mar 31, 12:32:00 AM  

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