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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Everbody's been talkin about the film Crash these days. I'd seen these two blogs also on this film. Well, it was in great demand in the DVD library last night but i did manage to rent it. I don't have much to add to what's already been said in those blogs. Movies talking about different seemingly unrelated characters crossing paths have been made before, but this one has racism as its underlying leitmotif. So much so that at times it goes into the "Oh no, not again!" world of cliches and stereotypes. I guess an important thing you'll find in many great works of art is subtlety. Here, its replaced by that almost "feel-good" American movie feel.
Silence would have been a better and more powerful choice where BGM is used in a few scenes in the movie. The music doesn't gel with what's unfolding on-screen.
A couple of scenes stand out in the movie for their irony. The young idealistic cop, bewildered by his own murder due to a "mistake" of his, and his senior officer's character showing both sides of the human behavior spectrum. The film-maker's point seems to be that even racial discrimination can't be slotted into clear shades of black and white.
All in all, a movie worth watching.


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