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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Sinking

History repeats itself. That genocidal pioneer Christopher Columbus and his European-cronies-followers-turned-Americans, The East India Company, and now Uncle Sam headed by Cowboy Bushie..... Its all the same.

Thanks to Sambhar Mafia, i checked out this interview of Aamir Khan in Time magazine. The interview is about Mangal Pandey - The Rising. Here's a sample

TIME: As for the international reaction, you seem to be drawing parallels between the East India Company and the US.
Khan: When I read the script, I was reminded strongly of what is happening in Iraq today, or Afghanistan. The film questions the right of any superpower to move into another country and start telling them what to do. I find some of [U.S. President George W.] Bush's speeches so funny, because the parallels to 1857 are so plain. At the beginning of the film, the governor makes a speech in which he says 'We shoulder the burden of the white man without complaint.' That's exactly what Bush said after the attacks on London. And what difference is there between a terrorist who kills innocent people, and someone who kills innocent people, and many times the number killed by terrorists, while saying they are trying to promote freedom?

Well, Aamir Khan and I seem to agree strongly on 3 things:
1. Pink Floyd are the Gods of rock
2. The Hindu is India's best (perhaps the only readable?) newspaper
3. American Foreign Policy = Weapons Of Mass Destruction


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