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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

'Cos Its Raining In Russia...

This conversation took place at my workplace between a Manager (Malaysian origin) and his team member (Gujarati)

Malay: "I read in the papers today that some Tamils in Singapore are expressing their resentment at the 'Hindi domination' in Singapore. They feel there are a lot of Hindi speaking people coming in, there are signboards in Hindi etc...."

Gujarati TM: "Not even 1% of the population speak Tamil in India. Hence, they have no valid reason or grounds to talk"

sobaaa... ippove kanna kattudhe....


  • 1% dont speak tamil aa??

    100 croresla 6.5 crores evvalo percent ngnaa??

    By Blogger feddy, at Wed May 09, 08:48:00 PM  

  • Feddy,
    adhellam nee pesakkodadhu.. adhellam yen nee pesare?? (Read like Prakash Raj) :-))

    By Blogger Bala (Karthik), at Thu May 10, 11:39:00 AM  

  • Another theory:
    Non-hindi speaking guy in the north is a 'madrasi' by default. And considering the fact that just 40% of the population speak Hindi. 60% that is approx 600 million people are 'madrasis'. But that doesn't end there. The General misconception is, madrasis are originated from Thamizh naadu! Which makes Thamizh the most widely spoken language in India :)

    By Blogger Thilak pratap selva kumar, at Thu May 10, 11:29:00 PM  

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