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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bouree Revisited

I watched a program recently in one of the local channels here called "The Spirit Of Mozart". It was a concert by various artists (rock, jazz, WCM) paying tribute to the Mozart and the spirit his music represented. I managed to catch only the last part of the show when Jethro Tull was featured. Ian Anderson, the Tull front man played "Bouree" accompanied by the orchestra from Vienna. Did it ring a bell or what???? No wonder i had posted sometime back about the song and its similarity to Ilaiyaan's music, especially the bass lines. The reason - same source, J.S Bach. Two brilliant adaptations of the master's composition

Here is another orchestral version by Jethro Tull - Couldn't find the version i watched on TV.

Listen to "I Met Bach In My House" from How To Name It
[The tempo is different but the bass lines bear the signature]
http://as01.coolgoose.com/music/song.php?id=91002 - The title is wrongly given as "Don't Compare"

P.S: Here's a write up on the song (and the album) by C.S Ramasami

This is a composition of Bach – “Bourre in E-minor”, a short piece of dance form in two parts. . This famous piece is set in Minor scale and modulate to Major and back to Minor etc. The two parts of Bach’s composition is played by a synthesizer sound and a bass guitar. Ilaiyaraaja has added the 3rd part of the harmony in Carnatic way (coming in the violin). Ilaiyaraaja might have started this as an experiment with small piece in the beginning to illustrate the hidden raagams inside the Bach’s composition 300 years before, and prove the point that various raagams are available in WCM also, even though they might not have named it!



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