Under the sun

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Twenty 20 was interesting and surprisingly so despite Sachin not playing. Personally, i have mixed "feelings" about the future of this format. While the shorter a game, the more interesting it gets, - generally but not always - T20 or even ODI cannot hold a candle to test cricket. Discounting the fact that cricket itself is not a very "efficient" sport, test cricket is where the real fun is. However, contrary to popular belief, and what i feared, T20 need not always be a bowler's extended nightmare. If the pitches are sporting, it has been evident that it is more or less an even contest. It's just that we need to get used to ideas like '6 an over' being a good economy rate for a bowler.

P.S: Quote of the tournament:
"I want to thanks all the Indian nations" - Shahid Afridi

P.S 2: I have often supported the Pakistan cricket team - its a love-hate relationship. The '92 World Cup, the unforgettable 1999 Chennai test- i was part of the crowd which gave the Pakistan team a standing ovation in Chepauk (1999)- are cases in point. Infact, i and my brother were the only souls in our 'colony' to root for Miandad when he hit the famous last ball six off Chetan Sharma (the tension was so unbearable that all of us kids ran out of our houses in no particular direction). Yesterday, i was glad and fuckin relieved India pulled it off but even if Pakistan had won, i wouldn't have felt that bad. There's that 'something' to a quintessential Pakistani run chase :)