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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rhetoric vs Fact


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


First we had the oldest profession in the world. Then we had a milder version of it in the form of court dancers. Then we had heroines in Indian films. Then we had the incpmparable dance bars. The latest entrant is Mandira Bedi.

Last night , in the post-match vetti pechu, Mandira made a big blunder, but any (male) viewer would have hardly noticed because he would have been focusing his attention on her midriff [in any case i was]. On the contrary, it was Charu Sharma who reacted as if he had committed the blunder while our Mandira had the same solid, confident, unflustered 'dance bar' look!
Also, the difference between the postures of the lady commentator some Simmonds and Mandira was obvious, if you noticed. The question is, why did they ban dance bars?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Two Gems

I just discovered two rare and relatively unexplored gems of The King.

Chikkendra Adayil [Iniya Uravu Poothadhu]: Very 80-ish but still fun to listen to. Check out for SJ's voice [vera yaaru!!], the bass guitar and the trade mark trumpet. Its also interesting to note how the charanams end.

Enge Enge, From the same movie: SJ rules. Wonder how a song from the 80s when heard now still remains fresh and lends itself to discoveries like treasures waiting to be unearthed. Unconventional bass [alternating between bass guitar and synth(?)] and interludes with superb rhythm changes. Note how the vocal remains an Indian melody, retaining its individuality amidst all this. Adhu dhaan Raaja

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sri Vidhya

Actress Sri Vidhya is reported to be suffering from cancer

Grass Itching


Monday, October 02, 2006

Lowest Form Of Life

What can be the lowest profession in this world? Prostituion? - working in the corporate sphere is not very different from it, especially in IT and suchlike. Being a pimp? Low alright, but not the lowest. On eliminating all the other professions and ways of life, we are left with only one answer - HR. The funny part is people spend huge amounts of money to get a degree/diploma in HR to lead a life of parasitic scumbags when those people can be the same dirt without the 'qualification'.

Lage Raho Munnabhai

As far as i know, i and BNB are the only people in India who don't think LRMB is the best thing to have happened to Indian cinema in recent times. Don't get me wrong, i liked the movie in parts. Arshad Warsi is funny and there are moments in the movie which make it worth watching. Infact its a good entertainer and definitely not a waste of time or money. But a classic? A 'great'? Bullshit.
I thought you could get drenched in the sentiment mazhai only if you are in a P.Vasu movie or something. This went a step further. The movie had so much of sugar coated all over it that had there been an ounce more, i would have had a severe bout of "sugar-poisoning".
Its not funny enough and yet not serious enough. If the said greatness is because of the 'theme' or 'message' or 'the way the message was delivered' or whatever, then by that token every Cheran film should be a masterpiece (i'm not a big fan of his movies by the way). On the other hand, if the said greatness is because of the 'treatment', you gotta be kidding me!
BNB says
Nobody wants to be critical ; nobody wants to be the grumpy guy in the room; everyone wants to gush more than the others and slip and fall in the salivatory orgy that's going on over this feel good, crass, juvenile, college final year project type attempt at movie making

I wouldnt say its as bad as a final year project type attempt, but pretty much agree with whatever else he says. And i would like to know if Vidya Balan would have that plain freaking irritating expression and smile even in a scene where her kids are killed in front of her eyes. EKSI*

Are the audience somehow mass hypnotized to think, feel and say that they're watching a timeless classic when they watch these Munnabhai movies? I'm not sure if the sequel is better than the first part. Which brings me to the point, why was the first part considered a 'great' movie in the first place? There is no problem in someone telling "Munnabhai is the movie i've enjoyed the most and watched the most number of times" or something. I also understand that Vasool Raja MBBS was NOT better than the original. Fair enough [Kamal haters, please re-read - VR MBBS was NOT better than the original]. However, what i don't understand is that almost the entire blogosphere and the middle class militia look at VR MBBS as though it was a "Dayavan" and at Munnabhai as though it was a "Nayagan". For me, the original was better and it worked mainly (not only) because of the Mumbai "setting" - the dada culture, the lingo etc. Sanjay Dutt playing a dada role is like an Indian batsman piling on runs in the Ranji trophy. Its a comfort zone. Kamal's performance was the lone saving grace of the movie (i love the "Seena Thaana" song by the way), though its a film he could have done without - he did it for L.V Prasad's grandson- nor was it a role that challenged Kamal, the actor. A sleep-walking role. Another important difference is the Arshad Warsi - EKSI "Shanti theatre operator" Prabhu thing.
Coming back to the sequel, seeing the unbelievable hype around the movie - even otherwise reasonable reviewers heaped praises and hailed it as a classsic - i was expecting something better. Oru 'timepass'-a 'timeless'-a pesarangale!

P.S: "High-class" ena koorappadum Satyam thirai valaagathil Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu paarkkumpozhudhu 'andhar', whistle, koral ellam ezhuppi kalaasiya rasigargalana engalai thaikkulathinor silar 'imsai' endrum ''indecent fellows' endrum sitharithurukkalaam. Aanaal, indru Abhishek Bachan oru nimida vedathil kaatchi alithapodhu kadhalan, kanavan, magan, peran arugiliruppadhayum porutpaduthaamal adhe thaikulathinarl ezhuppiya ghoshangalai enna endru sitharippadhu?? EKSI*! :(

P.S 2: What has the world come to?

* - Even at the risk of explaining the obvious, EKSI = Enna Kodumai Saravanan Idhu