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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

From The Horse's Mouth

I think the West Indies team is a better one-day team than this Indian side. But the absence of Sachin Tendulkar was the key. Sachin Tendulkar is a major factor in Indian cricket, take it or leave it. He can make a big difference in any series. Just look at the ICC Super Series, we lost all the one-day matches as well as Tests because he was not there

Thus spake Brian Charles Lara aka karunchiruthai ....

Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Java

ennaya mAri coolie-gaLukku sOru pOdradhilEndhu, Mars la ulAvara Rover-ai iyanga vaikkara varaikkum pervasive thozhiL nutpamAga thigazhum Java-virkku indru [actually May 25] 11th pirandha nAL

All hail Java, powered by Udhaya Suriyan!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

YUCK! [Caution - May cause nausea]

What the fuck is that on the right? There are three people who deserve to be murdered - a) Shankar b) Rajini c) People who like this kind of stuff

P.S: I still find it difficult to believe its actually Rajini. My initial guess was Puratchi Kalaignar

Update: On second thoughts, hope Shankar doesn't cut this scene and the movie turns out to be full of such gems. Hey but who knows, our makkal might still lap it all up and ask for more!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


  • Go Windies! Hail karunchiruthai Lara and his men
  • What's wrong with this Himesh Reshammiya? Somebody please stop him from singing and appearing in videos.
  • What's the Thamizh word for digital? I and my colleagues had set up different seyarkuzhus to crack this but in vain [Yeah, they happen to be equally jobless at present]
  • Puduppettai will be the first Thamizh film [first to be released] made in Super 35mm format, thanks to the barrage of obstacles faced by VV, making its release a distant frustrating dream. Some guys just don't have any fucking luck
  • These days, Marina beach is less galeej than Besant Nagar beach in terms of the "bad element" population
  • You can give up your dream of buying a house in Anna Nagar, or just about anywhere else in Cehnnai city if you happen to be in the category of the great Indian middle-class
  • 8 Mile absolutely rocks. So does Eminem
  • I don't actually care who performs poojas in temples. Now, look at these comments from this saffron dude Ganeshram in Ferrari's blog. Check out his usage of 'the ppl' to refer to people who are in his view, inferior, unfit and not eligible for the deed.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


The issue of reservation has been done to death in the media as well as in the blogosphere [where there is overwhelming opposition to it]. Today's Hindu has two leader page articles.
Almost all the articles and blog posts i've read (not many i'm afraid) have been taking sides without going into the core issues and indulging instead in rhetoric. This article published today, is an example of that. In the same page, we have a better article which gives a better picture of the issue, though i'm not convinced with all the points raised by the article. This issue reminds me of the Kashmir problem, about which so much is spoken and yet so little information is given.

Barca 2 - Gunners 1

nAnga dhAn appave sonnOmle?

Veteran Swedish striker Henrik Larsson showed his sublime touch to set up two late goals to take Barcelona to victory over Arsenal. History has shown time and again that substitutes score and last night, one substitute set up two goals and another [Juliano Belleti] scroed the winner.
namma Desi crowd tholla thAnga mudila pA. For them its always Brazil in the world cup, it was ManU sometime back and now its Chelsea or Arsenal. Thank god Baraca won! Now, the question remaining is, will Messi make it for the Futbol Mundial????

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

SS's daughter

You will not know Vimala Raman. She is one of the two heroines of Poi pairing with Udhay Kiran, a Balachander movie in the making. Though she has almost completed the film, there are no offers to this good looking girl. Why? She doesn’t want them. She doesn’t want to pair with every Tom, Dick and Harry. “I don’t act for money. I have enough of it. If someone wants to pair with me, he should possess certain qualities. Only then will I sign opposite him,” says this new face.
The heroes she is ready to pair with now are Kamal, Ajith, Vikram and Vijay. Will she pair with Rajini? “Well, I am prepared to play his daughter,” Vimala says

Source: This

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Electric Ganesha Land

Guitar Prasanna is coming to Landmark, Chennai @ 6:30 PM on Saturday to launch Electric Ganesha Land, his latest album. He performed 4 times last week in Bangalore. I still haven't got his previous album Be the change and i guess it would be available by now. EGL should be very interesting as its a tribute to Jimi Hendrix.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Deer Hunter

I totally differ from the pro-American stance Michael Cimino, writer/director of The Deer Hunter takes. However, that didn't stop me from being deeply moved by the impact of the characters in the movie. In my list of De Niro's best performances, this film sits along with Taxi Driver.


aDi udhavara mAdhiri aNNan thambi udhava mAttAn!

The Govt and The Supreme Court don't seem to understand peace and non-violence. It took an Osma to hold the U.S by its balls. Its a matter of time before the people of the Narmada valley give it back.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Icon

Please vote for Alwarpet Andavar Oscar Nayagan Kalaignani Padmashree Dr.Kamal Haasan here

Neengal unmai Thamizharaga irundhaal ungal vaakku Kamalukke!