Under the sun

Thursday, November 23, 2006


What's the big deal with these James Bond movies? Why all this hype? Especially these "I go only to Satyam theatre" multiplex types. All Bond movies suck. Even Rajini movies are better.

P.S: Which is worse - watching a 007 flick or playing a mobile/PC game???

Monday, November 20, 2006


Recently i watched a Korean movie, one which seemed like a new one. I'd missed about 10-15 minutes of the movie by the time i happened to find that channel. It was a simple tale - a little boy comes to live with his grandmother in a village for his vacation and returns to his folks after a while. That's it!
It was a mini-Pather Panchali of sorts. As in PP, you are "taken" to the place where the 'action' takes place. Minimalistic dialogues (the granny is mute), beautiful imagery and a very good musical store. The pace is totally relaxed. The movie seems to have no agenda and the visuals speak for themselves. It is touching too, especially in the last even when you can clearly see it coming. The kid is a totally urbanized "McDonald" kind and he hates his time there initially. The granny is one whom we would have all seen in India. Unconditional love. Unlike what one would expect, there is no 360-degree-turn from the boy but rather he still retains his spoilt-brat inconsiderate behaviour even towards the end. However, he is clearly moved even if you can see no excessive sentiment shows in the movie.
I was reminded of movies like Cinema Paradiso and Autograph which many hail as classics. Somehow, these two never moved me like Pather Panchali or even this apparently obscure Korean movie.

P.S: By the way, is the original DVD of "Hey Ram" [Thamizh] available anywhere???

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Silly Sickens

I wish a universal law is passed banning the Chinese from speaking English. I suggest that offenders be ostracized and/or castrated.
Its bad enough not being able to understand a word of what Chinks speak (supposedly English) but the insult to the injury is when you see that they don't understand your English! Damn.....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

thAi thamizh thodakka paLLi - 2

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Behindwoods Report
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Friday, November 10, 2006

thAi thamizh thodakka paLLi - 1

The Paradise Unit, Connemara Unit and Orkut Dr.Kamal Haasan Community made a small but meaningful gesture today as part of the yearly Aandavar Jayanthi Narpani.
The narpaNi 'vizha' was held at thAi thamizh thodakka paLLI in Medambedu near Ambattur in Chennai. The school is run by Thyagu, and his better known wife, lyricist Thamarai. Incidentally, today is her birthday. We donated a PC as the first step towards contributing to this little primary school. We also intend to 'adopt' this school and provide the school with furniture in the next phase. Details tomorrow

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Heard in recent days

Local-a sonna adutha varsham 'mental' gaali!

'tha annan Englis pesna George Bush out!
'kaali annan push-ups edutha Arnold out!
Annan kandi mass kaatna ella *star*-um out!
(The following takes the cake!)
'mala annan computer la kai vecha 'tha Bill Gates out-ra!

kalayin pirandha nAL 2006

nadippulagin nabigaL nAyagathhirkku indRu pirandha nALAm!
nAn solgirEn, indru kalai varudAvarudam marupiravi eduthu
dhasAvathAramAi uruvedukkum thirunAL !
kalayin pirandha nALAna indha iniya nALai
ulaga nadippu dhinamAgavum ulaga manidha nEya dhinamAgavum