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Monday, April 30, 2007

Moonusaami Virundhu

Aandavar viswaroobam in Madurai

Naalaikku poludhu saanju oru moonu mani nerathukku naan saami arul pugundha oru Thevan. Neenga?

Virumaandi on Sun TV tomorrow at 6PM

gurunAdhar Australia/Hong Kong/America Kannan Swamy in the center, Connemara Unit Balakrishnan (Specs), another Connemara Unit saga (black shirt) in Madurai

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Round to Man U

History SCREAMS that teams that play out an entire half sitting back and defending, lose more often than not and it was proved again tonight :(
[The irony is that Man U themselves have been on the receiving end of late goal defeats/draws this season in the EPL]
TV paathuttu karutha solra enakke theriyudhu, indha coach-galukku yen vilanga mattengudhu?
Milan paid for their complacency. Gilardino's only contribution in the game was to win a free-kick and Kaka, though brilliant in the 1st half disappointed in the 2nd, barring the two occasions he came close to scoring. "Big daddy" Maldini and "Bull Terrier" Gattuso were sorely missed after the breather. Ronaldo, Rooney and Scholes sizzled. That injury time throw-in gifted away by Borchi - will that be the defining moment? San Siro la paappom

P.S: What a goal that was by Kaka (1st) - the burst of pace! If only....

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Appeal to reader msp

msp aka Prabhu Ram,
Please start your movie blog at the earliest.
nEyar viruppam



Friday, April 20, 2007

Kali Kaalam

A psycho guns down people. The world sits up, questions are asked. Debates rage on over gun-control, Bush etc. People are 'shocked' when the act itself should never have come as a surprise. A country's been raping every other country it can regularly, relentlessly and consistently- a country founded on genocide. Gun control?? Funny talking about gun control in a country which is the only one in the planet to have used a nuclear bomb. Two of 'em. Its already targeting another 'victim'. Nobody gives a shit.
kali muthiduthu

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

As i had promised...

[Cinefan, aren't we happy now? :) ]
It's now official that Aandavar's project with Saran has been dropped and i can give the update i promised to give. What happened was that Saran had given Aandavar an advance of 2Cr and made an agreement that part of his salary would be given in the form of rights (AP, Satellite, FMS etc). Saran's latest film Muni was financed by a Madurai katta panchayathu asami (to whom GV is alleged to have owed some money before he died) and since the movie bombed, Saran was feeling the heat to repay him. Ayngaran chipped in to help Saran at that time and hence Saran had to give the rights of the upcoming movie with Aandavar to them. Of course, Aandavar was kept in the dark about all this. For obvious reasons, to avoid another VV, Aandavar had to drop this project.

We shall know soon what Aandavar's next project is going to be...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Sattameva Jayathe

Chinna pasangala, otha yaar kitta vilayaadreenga????? Aandavar da!
Vakkali August 15 mattum varattum... ippo aadravan aattam ellam gaali...

Aandavar speaks to Indiaglitz (click on Launch Videos).

Truth triumphs, sometimes. Some industry "doyens" were backing Senthil Kumar.
  • Three industry persons are involved in this
  • One of them is Kalai Poonai S.Dhanu
  • It may be just a coincidence: Senthil Kumar is/was a post-holding member in Mental (aka Rajini) Rasigar Mandram

Update: Thanks to Thilak, here's a transcript of what Thalaivar said in the interview (for those who can't watch the video)
"It strengthens my belief in legal system, the system that we all put in place, we and our forefathers. I am happy that I took recourse to that system instead of other options available to us. As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised to know that people within the industry, were backing the gentleman who claimed that I had plagiarized the story. Well, the first thing that came up in the room when this was disclosed, this was a big laughter. It was Mr.K.S.Ravikumar and I who changed the story so many times, even we first didn't know the first line till it went into the paper. We were talking on so many lines, already it was 10 corrective and we were talking of further variations on it, so we are talking about 20 different stories and fortunately, none of the stories coincided with what the gentleman claimed was his and it was a cheapshot... lumpen cheapshot at not probably the greatest artist but a hardworking artist atleast. And that, it was backed by a small percentile of industry people... doyens... it was quite surprising to me and I am just hurt, for all the FICCI awards and people loving me. YES, you find a few people who indulge in such "scheme" which is very silly. I only wish that this legal recourse that we took and the judgement that came for us, will deter other pretenders at home, from attempting such silly...taking a silly route to fame. That's all I got to say and I believe in the court and its judgement and Above all, I believe in the truth and that's what has triumphed. Thank you."

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Champions League 2

Thanks heavens atleast Milan made it through to the semis. 3 English team ellam remba over.
Milan and Liverpool should meet in the final. Maldini kaakka kaakka, Kaka goal poduvaaru. podanum.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dr.Kamala Selvaraj

I was watching this program called "Sigaram Thotta Mandihargal" on Vijay TV last week. It featured Dr.Kamala Selvaraj, Gemini Ganesan's daughter. It was a bit surprising to see her disarmingly unassuming answers . She had always been only an average student in school. She did her Bachelor's from Manipal ('payment seat') and according to her, "you need not be very smart to come to this line, but you need to be very hardworking". Her first stint in a clinic after she was out of college was more or less a "trial and error" affair - she would consult a senior doctor daily and ask him whether she had given the right drug/dosage or not.
With striking honesty, she narrates her experience in Australia where she had gone to study artificial insemination. She had problems with their accent, training lectures and quite simply, she was overawed by it all. However, with time and work, she began to see hope.
She described the feeling when her (and India's) first test tube baby (named Kamala, i think) was delivered.
It would have been one heck of a feeling. Being a coolie, one gets to hear the phrase "it's my baby" often - Kounder's gem "Gundoosi vikkaravan ellam thozhiladhibaraam" comes to mind. Infact, a coolie tends to get into a state of smugness from time to time, being sucked into the monotony and mediocrity of life and work. She could feel smug. adhu allava achievement!
Being a doctor - The greatest profession in the world!

P.S: (Reassuring note to self) vidra vidra soonapaana... singam da neeyee.. appadiye maindain panra....

Monday, April 09, 2007

Raise Your Hands

Do you abhor/hate
  • coffee shops (not our tea kadai. I meant Coffee Day, Barrista, Mocha, Moocha etc)
  • the pay and wait scheme followed in places like coffee shops, fast food joints, Sathyam theatre etc?
  • ordering starters before lunch/dinner?
  • hotels/joints serving chatni and sambar in cups?
  • north indies eating thosai, idly and vadai with a spoon?
  • wearing collared T-shirts or T-shirts with company logo on Friday?
  • people urging others to dance in parties, official and otherwise?
  • people who say they drink but who stop with a single blue-colored cocktail?
  • going to shopping malls not to shop but "chumma, just like that"?
  • brahmin men and women dressing, talking and behaving like North Indies, especially in weddings?
  • people who think sex and violence in movies are bad and conversely, any movie without sex and violence is good?
  • young urbane men who litter their English sentences liberally with "machaan" and "da", pronouncing them in a totally 'peter' way?

If you answered yes for most of the questions, you are in elite company! We are special

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Much better than the Munnabhai series. Good entertainment. Definitely watchable more than once.

P.S 1: Vidhyasagar's score is, for a good part of the movie, very decent. Talking about VS, i wonder if there is anything wrong in using WCM composed by the greats in re-recording? Can you imagine 2001 without "Also sprach Zarathustra", a Sindhu Bhairavi without "Mahaganapathim" or a quintessential Scorsese film without classic rock? Yeah, there's the question of credit but ......

P.S 2: Some women spell 'mozhi' as 'molli' here. I mean, 'moli' is atleast understandable but 'molli'???

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rahman's Latest

Sahana is the Munbe Vaa of 07 - Udit N suits this song well, pronunciation notwithstanding. Nice groovy bass lines

Athiradi - For a moment or two, doesn't impress when it starts (MJ's 'Jam') but a very catchy number. Rahman's vocals - 'Athiradi'! Likely to be the 'once more' song in the theater.

Baleilakka - Vintage SPB. Nothing remarkable otherwise but i'm sure it will be a hit