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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Himesh Reshammiya

Whatever little hopes i had were busted when i first realized Murder wasn't by Himesh and that neither was Gansgter ('Ya Ali' - super paattu ma). Himesh, there still is a chance to redeem your life and wash away your sins. Yooo cann doo yitt!

Meanwhile, i'm enjoying songs like 'Junoo(n) Junoo(n) Junoo(n) Junoo(n)', 'Ashique Banaye Apna', 'ooooooooo' etc which are running in a loop. Good prANAyAmam

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Will all ye fuckers stop talking about 300 ? (I can)

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those
who would attempt to poison and destroy my peace. And you will know my name is
the Lord Labakdas when I lay my vengeance upon thee

First it was Harry Potter, then it was Da Vinci Code, Five Point Someone and now this. niruthaNum, ellAthayum niruthaNum

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jilebi Mixing

Three songs from a film tentatively titled 'Jilebi' are leaked. News (and the songs) spreads like wildfire in the internet. Reaction is mixed. Then comes the clarification from the horse's mouth that they are just 'samples' and the final product needs more 'mixing'! The 'sound and mixing' when the official songs are out would be mind blowing, says the horse.
This is important. And strange. What happened to little things called 'tune', 'melody', 'lyrics' etc? This is a straight confession from the Rahman camp that what he is doing is nothing but sound mixing and engineering. Atleast for the film tentatively titled 'Jilebi' (of course Rahman is a great composer). I am an admirer of Rahman's music but this is not what i said, this is what THEY say!
nanna 'mix' pannungo :)

It hurts. One of the saddest days after March 13, 1996. edrA sarakka!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fight Club

Revisted Fight Club. The first time around i thought it was overrated. I changed my mind. summA sollakUdAdhu, ennamA thiraikkadhai ezhudhiyirukkaple Jim Uhls. As much as i hate the split-personality theory and its ubiquitous presence in the film world, the memorable dialogues and 'quotes' are too good to resist

I am Jack's raging bile duct...

Friday, March 16, 2007

iLamai idhO idhO

Has there been a song better than this ever composed in Indian film music?
Parameters: Arrangement, Flow, Innovation, Originality, Inspiration, Playback Singing, Prelude, Interludes, Relay, Genre-buster, Timeless
Open Challenge!

P.S: Notice the lack of the word 'melody' above. There lies the greatness

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Staying with cricket, let's talk a little about commentators. In the days when watching cricket happening outside India on TV meant waking up early to see and hear Kapil Dev disturb Keppler Wessel's (he was playing for Australia then) stumps. White ball, color clothing, stump microphones, Nivea lip-guard and cameras at both ends of the stadium at a time when even BBC had a camera only at one end - That was Channel 9. Being too young to comprehend the finer details of commentary, a typical "In the air!.... and dropped!" (from this, i coined the term 'bowled in the air' and made it popular in my street) from Tony Greig was enough to excite our yound minds. Richie Benaud saying "Gavashkaar" added more respect to the already respected name.
When it comes to the present, watching cricket on TV can often be a drudgery interrupted by some spells of good cricket and insightful comments from good commentators, who are a breed getting lost in the numbers. Even Mandira Bedi's boob-show cannot stop this drudgery unless the action on the field and the box make it possible for us to live through all the anal-yses and ad-breaks.

Coming to my favorite commentators, Richie Benaud and Ian Chappel are the evergreen gods. If Benaud is economy of expression and brevity personified, Chappel is intelligent, informative and insightful. They don't bore us with a second-by-second description of the action on the field. Nor do they suffer from talking disease - I like Harsha Boghle as a commentator and as a columnist but he runs in verbose mode all the time. When Benaud says "Now, that...... ishh a shtraight droive!" [Sachin hitting Warne straight down the ground for 4 at Sharjah, 1998], he says it all. 6 words. Superb!
Ian Chappel was the ultimate when it came to going beyond the obvious in any cricketing situation. He would invariably start his sentence in such occassions with "Not only has the batsman succeeded in ........". He always found two outcomes for a given action. And praise, when it comes from Chappel (or Benaud, for that matter), is really very well deserved.
1998, India vs Australia at Chepauk - 2nd innings. I was watching the match in the M.A.C. Rahul Dravid was struggling against Warne and the pitch was doing all kinds of things. When Sachin came in, the match was poised on a needle. I was too tense to even cheer 'singam' properly. That phase of the match was unbelievably intriguing. Later, at home when i was watching the highlights, it was Chappel in the box during that period and he was spot-on in his assesment of the situation. It's a pity that he is not in the 'experts' panel in the World Cup and infact, i don't think he's even part of the commentary team.

For sheer entertainment value, none can be better than our Bill Lawry. "It's all happening here at the Gabba!", "Dear oh dear! Can you believe it??" - can't have enough of 'em. I wish to get a DVD of the Australia-South Africa '99 WC semi-final, just for Bill Lawry's commentary. Tony Grieg is dumb but provides good entertainment value. As Selvakumar writes in the comments of the previous post, "It is hard to forget the kind of intro he gives for every player. Be it a player from a Kenyan team or a Dutch team".

Apart from these behemoths, the 'box' has also benefited from the likes of Harsha, Michael Holding, Ravi Shastri, Boycott and Barry Richards (if you can excuse the annoying accent).

P.S: Have Srikkanth and Sivaramakrishnan been eliminated by a one-man terrorist squad - Amir Sohail?


Monday, March 12, 2007

Ricky vs Sunny

Gavaskar was a great batsman. Some say he was greater than Sachin [no helmets, quality of bowlers, centuries in West Indies etc]. Ponting is a great batsman too and one who is unfairly touted as the best batsman at present. Be as it may, the fact is both of the aforementioned men are greats in their own right and naturally that entitles them to king-sized egos and digs at rival teams, coaches and captains.
When it comes to commentary, at times i have looked forward to Gavaskar's comments but often, the India supporter in him takes over and he can be extremely irritating whenever this happens. Sometimes it turns out to be funny when he starts 'batting' for India in the commentary box, even when India are chasing 313 and are 68/5. Wish his arrogance in the box rubbed off on the blokes on the field.
He has never been shy of indulging in Aussie-bashing (in addition to England-bashing) and now, Ponting has decided enough was enough and paid Gavaskar back.
I wish Gavaskar responds to this and the fun continues...

"For him to go on about behaviour, not too many captains have
dragged their teams off the field, either," Ponting said. "I don't mind if 'Mr
Perfect' comes out and goes on about our team, I know we are all not perfect. We
are not going to keep everyone happy 100% of the time. But for some of these
guys that have done it all themselves, it's pretty high and mighty for them to
say that"

P.S: I think Ponting has a striking resemblance to George Bush

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Listen to the songs here.
I liked "Konjam Konjam" on the first hearing. As usual Shreya is great. It's in Keeravaani. Of late, quite a few of Raaja's duets have been in this scale.
"Yeley enga vandhe" is dated but so 'Raaja'. Nothing remarkable about the other songs. Cheran-ku idhu podhumo?

Galeej Times

Had gone to watch Mozhi in a theater called Plaza here in Singapore on Wednesday night. The locality, the complex where the theater was situated in were so galeej that we decided against it. enna dhAn chennai la idha vida local-Ana theaters kut poirundhAlum, family-a poNum nA yOsikka vEndiyirukku. Singapore sucks.

adhanAle, thiruttu DVD is the only option.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Champions League

Inter are out, but AC Milan and Roma advance. 3 English clubs in the quarter-finals!
I don't like any Bundesliga team, but watch out for Bayern Munich.
May the best team win, but not Bayern Munich or Chelsea

Saturday, March 03, 2007


A lot of people have been saying that the climax/rape scene is unrealistic/unnecessary/vulgar - I say please stop what you are doing and go watch it again.
[My wife broke down and i could hear some sobs from other women as well. Not many can handle the climax]
idhu dhAn rape. 'tha indha reaction-a evoke pannanum. A tad lengthy, but jolts the life out of you. Hats off to Ameer for that scene. He has shown tremendous courage (you need balls to show a scene like that). Thamizh directors are growing up, its time for the audience to grow up and wake up as well

In the interval i was wondering if our people had gone overboard and overrated what seemed to be a 'decent' attempt at good film-making. Ameer second half la padatha thookki niruthittaaru. I think Ameer must have loved Virumaandi - the feel is there and some cues have been taken as well.
Dialogues, locale, cinematography, attention for detail, are noteworthy. Saravanan is a revelation. Yuvan kalakkittAru, though none of the songs has stuck in my mind. pAdAma irundhirukkalAm.
Its a remarkable debut for Karthi. However, its ironic that he is so much like Surya, it will be a challenge for him to stand apart. Not that he copies Surya but he just happens to sound and look like Surya! avar thappu illai

Cribs: Not a childhood-sweetheart "love" flashback again!!! pOdhum!
The humor/comedy has come in the way of the the otherwise natural portrayal. Overboard in a few places. I don't find Priya Mani's acting as good as many have posted here. Not only is her accent unconvincing, her body language doesn't look like that of a village girl.

Aandavar banner is another big bonus

P.S: Has anyone watched "Twenty Nine Palms" (French)?